Let's Get to Know One Another

It's Friday Eve, everyone! 

We've almost made it!

So here I've been blathering on and on for a week and most of you probably don't know anything about me other than I love wine, love my kids, I'm married to a professional badass, and I really want to go to Puerto Rico. Oh and I like cat meme's a whole bunch. 

So I thought now might be a good time for a survey-style, get-to-know-me post. 

This, is me:

Typical Jamie face

Typical Jamie face

And this, is my family (immediate; we can talk mom/dad/siblings/extended another time):

What is your middle name?: Kristin, which is after my maternal grandmother. I always say that if I can be half the woman she was I'll feel accomplished.

What was your favorite subject at school?: Art. I was the art club president. Prior to me running for the art club president no one actually campaigned for it, but I've always been super dramatic and love planning things so my friend and I built a campaign for me to be the president. And I won. NBD. 

What is your favorite drink?: Water and wine. Obviously. And I like to cuddle my wine before I drink it. Keeps things from getting weird.

What is your favorite song at the moment?: Do I have to pick just one? Okay, fine. I've been rocking out to Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys pretty much every morning on the way to work, so we'll go with that. 

What is your favorite food?: I cannot pick just one favorite food. That's impossible. And this is my blog, so you can't make me. My favorites include poke bowls, sushi, pizza, mac and cheese, ribeye steak, potatoes of all sorts, chips, lobster, chocolate, cake (and chocolate cake), and cheese of all kinds. #healthfreak 

What is the last thing you bought?: That's a good question...on Amazon, the last thing I bought was a swimsuit. In real life, I think it was groceries because I'm super glamorous and exciting. 

Favorite book of all time?: Jane Eyre and Les Miserables are my absolute favorite books of all time, but I also love the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books. 

Favorite Color?: Purple, because it makes me run faster. 

We loved each other very much :-(

We loved each other very much :-(

Do you have any pets?: My husband's dog Jax who loves me second best, 2 cats named Scooby Doo and Little Cat, and 3 hermit crabs named Jack, Jillian and Martin the Cat. We like to get a little crazy when we name our animals. I had a dog and he was my best friend ever, but he passed away 2 years ago. His name was Sebastian Alexander Noirot III and he was seriously the best dog ever. I miss him. 

Favorite Perfume?: I think my favorite perfume of all time is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and I don't have any of it right now, which makes me sad. Regardless of which perfume I'm wearing, I always have notes of patchouli in my perfume since I'm a hippie at heart. 

Favorite Vacation?: HAWAII!! Take me baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Are you married?: Twice - got it right the second time.

See? He's super hot!

See? He's super hot!

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I've been to Canada a handful of times and Europe once when I was 14. Meaning I haven't been out of the country enough and it's time for me to dust off the old passport. REALLY old passport. So old I need to get a new one. 

Do you speak any other language?: I can say several curse words in Norwegian and Spanish. Does that count? I'm proficient in English, which is better than I can say for most people who speak English (I'm talking about the people who were born speaking English here...double negatives make my soul hurt). 

How many siblings do you have?: Oh, this is a complicated question. I currently have a brother who is my full-blooded sibling, 3 half-sisters, and a sister from another mister/mother. 

Only the most basic of bitches take selfies in Target mirrors. 

Only the most basic of bitches take selfies in Target mirrors. 

What is your favorite shop?: Target, because I'm basic AF. Nordstrom Rack

Favorite restaurant?: This changes on the regular, but right now I love Bento for poke, Tomasino's for pizza, and Texas de Brazil for when I want to get real American and eat more than my body-weight in meat. 

When was the last time you cried?: Watching This is Us. I ugly-cried SO HARD people. Jax (our dog) kept looking back at me like I was bothering him because I was crying so hard.

Favorite Blog?: My favorite blogs include the Fitnessista and hungryrunnergirl. Those are really the only ones I check regularly.

Favorite Movie?: Big Fish, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, MOANA by default since I watch it at least once a day.

Favorite TV show?: Anything Real Housewives, This is Us, Supergirl, any cooking show that is related to Christmas, Southern Charm, Once Upon a Time, THE GILMORE GIRLS. I prefer shows that don't require much thinking, since all I do all day long is clean-up messes and help everyone else. 

PC or Mac?: PC but only by default because I'm a cheapskate and Mac's cost more. 

What phone do you have?: Rose Gold iPhone 7+ because I would again like to point out, I'm basic. But what's so wrong with being basic? At least I'm a nice person who knows what they like!! Sheesh!

How tall are you?: 5'4" and yes, I sometimes climb onto the counters to get things from the top cabinets. 

Can you cook?: I'm actually a really good cook. I follow recipes really well and love whipping up something delicious and terrible for me. I use allrecipes all the time for most of my favorite go-to meals, but also use pinterest a lot. 

So that's me in a nutshell! 

Now I have a huge favor to ask of you - If anyone sees me talking about cutting my hair into a supercute bob, please just stop me. STOP ME! I do not mind having a bob, but I think it ages me, it's boring, and I look better with long hair. MOM, I NEED YOU TO TELL ME NO NEXT TIME!

So now it's your turn, please introduce yourself and answer some of these questions for yourself! I'd love to learn about those of you who are reading!