How I Got Through College as a Single Parent

Hump day, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? This week has been dragging for me! I thought it was Wednesday yesterday and that has just thrown everything off. Boooooooo!!

You may or may not have noticed this about me yet, but I am kind of a type-A freakazoid. As such, I like to try to plan as many things out as possible so I can be prepared everything. Well knowing that we're moving in less than 5 weeks has me seriously trying to plan and get shit organized, because moving is so stressful and I'm hoping to make it as smooth as possible for everyone. However I'm also kind of in panic mode and feeling a lot of pressure about it too. There's just so much to do and really not very much time to do it all. I've actually started a spreadsheet with three columns labeled "Things to Do", "Things to Buy", "Things to Pack" - type-A right hurrrrrrrrrr!!

I'm not sure why I told you that other than to get it out and in the universe, maybe? Anyone have any tips to make this easier?

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Today I wanted to talk to you about something that I happen to have a lot of experience with, but it is a huge challenge that may seem insurmountable to many people. 

I've mentioned this a few times in different posts and here, but to those who haven't been reading for a long time or may have missed it, I was a single mom to my son Justin for a very long time. My ex-husband and I separated when Justin was less than a year old and from that point forward, I was a single parent. Just in case you're not sure, I'd like to reiterate...

Being a single parent is really hard.

It's also extremely rewarding and can be lots of fun, but when it comes down to it, it's really, REALLY hard. As a single parent, you are completely responsible for the well-being of another human. That human is 100% reliant on you for everything and you have to make sure that you are able to provide that human with what they need in life AND give them love and support and all that good stuff. 

When I got divorced I was still in the Air Force but I knew I didn't want to make the military a career and as such, I separated as soon as I was able to and began my first semester of college pretty much immediately. At that time, I thought I wanted to be a nurse and enrolled in a local community college back home in Illinois. This leads me to my first two tips for successfully getting through college as a single parent. 

Join the military

First off, there are a few states out there that will give you 100% free tuition if you join the military and come back to that state once you separate. Illinois (and Texas...maybe Alaska and Connecticut) is one of those states and as such, I was able to use my GI Bill to cover some of my living expenses. Join the military and do your service. I am a huge advocate for the military because it gave me some seriously awesome experiences, some fantastic friends, insane work ethic and free mother effing college. 

It is possible to be in the military as a single parent - you'll need to make sure you have help and may want to look into the reserves or guard, but you can do it if you really want it!

Go to a community college

For some reason community colleges tend to get looked down on as not being as academically advanced as 4-year schools, but that was not my experience at all. Most of my favorite professors from my college career were in the community college I attended - they were more accessible and helpful than the professors at the university I transferred to after 2 years and they really seemed to care more about my future. Plus community college is exponentially cheaper than a 4-year school so you are able to get a degree for a much smaller cost.

I chose to get a 4-year degree in business (specifically marketing) after changing my mind on my major, but there are several 2-year degrees that you can get amazing jobs with - nursing, engineering, paralegals, etc. You can also always look into trade schools, however I'm not sure how grants/loans/scholarships work for those. 

Talk to a counselor and figure out your options and then go from there.

Take all the help you can get

This includes loans, grants, babysitting from family and friends, live at home, etc. - don't think you have to do it all on your own and I highly recommend you don't try to do it on your own. When we first moved back to Illinois Justin and I lived at my parent's house for over a year. I had a lot of debt when I got out of the Air Force, so I wasn't able to afford living on my own at that time. After about a year I moved in with a friend from high school and lived there for a little while before I found a really cute, cheap, and tiny apartment in the town where my 4-year university was located. That being said, I still needed help with babysitting and hugs from my mom on bad days, so we spent a lot of time hanging out at my mom's house or driving down to my dad's in St. Louis when we wanted a weekend away. 

Sometimes you just have to play giraffe football...a really weird game we made up one day at my mom's house when the power was out...

Another thing that I was lucky to have the option of having, was roommates. I actually lived with two different friends while I was in school and while having a roommate can obviously suck sometimes, it made it more financially feasible. Plus both of them were amazing and would hang out with Justin so I could run sometimes or when I had to go to the library to work on late-night group projects!

Financially there are a lot of resources for single parents. As a single parent you are able to qualify for a lot of grants, which are basically free money for school. Then there are always scholarship programs, especially for specific majors such as nursing, teaching, and social work. And there are always student loans, however I caution you against taking out too many student loans as they are a bitch to pay-off. I only had $25,000 in student loans when I left college and I've been out of school for 7 years and still have $16,000 left to pay. You will also want to be really careful about taking out student loans if you are majoring in something that doesn't pay very well or doesn't have a good job-outlook, since your loan payments can easily be $200-500 a month and that's a lot if you're only making $30,000 a year after school. Throw a kid or two in the mix and that's just not enough to live on.

Be careful with student loans!

Another thing you need to do is get over your pride and look into public assistance programs. As a single parent in college you will probably qualify for food stamps, free or reduced daycare, and possibly even housing assistance. There was a time in college when I did receive food stamps and I am not at all ashamed to admit it, because it helped me get through school and now I'm paying back into the system so others can do the same thing. I was also able to qualify for free or reduced child care the entire time I was in school, which helped a lot. 

Also make sure you're getting child support. Contact your local child support agency and have them open up a case for you if you aren't getting it. And if you are getting it but it's been a few years and you know the other parent is making substantially more money now, make sure you get it amended. It does take a little work, but you shouldn't have to do it on your own.

Do your research and don't hesitate to take every possible form of help you can get!

Now you may be wondering, how did I manage to get any studying done when I had a crazy 3-7 year old boy running around and being insane all the time? Let me tell you my secret...

Study at McDonalds or the park

We would spend hours at McDonalds or at the park on a regular basis - I'm talking 3-5 times a week. Obviously it needs to be a McDonalds with a playplace, but this is one of the biggest things I did that helped me graduate! Justin would run around like a crazy person for hours, making best friends and burning off energy, and I'd tune everything out and study, study, study. We would go to McDonalds when the weather was crappy or when I needed wifi (it's FREE!) and we'd go to the park whenever I needed to do some reading. And I always took breaks to run around and play with him, since life isn't fun without fun. Duh. 

Word of caution on this, you do want to always make sure you can see your child and that you've had several, maybe even hundreds of talks about not talking to strangers, bullies, and what to do if someone does try to take them (FIGHT AND SCREAM!). I always sat in the playplace and made sure I knew where Justin was and always kept him in my line of vision while at the park. 

Work your ass off

Going to college as a single parent is not all. I was lucky in that I had some money coming in with my GI Bill and qualified for grants and had my parents to help out with babysitting or small loans for bills that I always paid back immediately, however I still had to work my ass off. This includes a part time job, doing homework until 3 in the morning or waking up early to read, late night study and group sessions for projects, writing papers during vacations, etc. 

I remember very specifically going on several vacations with my parents and watching everyone else drink beer all day without a care in the world while I sat back and wrote a paper or read school books. I know, #firstworldproblems at least I got vacations (thanks mom and dad!); I'm not complaining, just telling you how I made this work. There were also a few times that I had to scramble all over trying to find a restaurant with wifi while driving back from a trip so I could turn in an assignment on time. At one point we were driving back from Florida and I'm pretty sure we stopped by 3 or 4 restaurants in the mountains in Chattanooga before I found a place to turn my assignment in. Did it make my vacation less enjoyable? Sure! But I knew it's what I needed to do to get through school and that those small short-term sacrifices would pay off in a big way in the end. I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed going on my first vacation after graduation to South Padre Island and just being able to relax on the beach with my mom and my son without having to do any homework.  

I also worked a lot of part-time jobs - waitress, bartender, barista...waitressing or bartending is a great way to get some extra cash if you have the personality for it. And I firmly believe everyone should work in the service industry at some point in their lives since it's really hard work and teaches you how to work hard and not be an asshole (always tip your server). There were many weekends where I would work Friday and Saturday nights (my mom would usually watch Justin) and would easily make $400-500. This went a long way towards paying bills, having food, and having fun...

Take time to have fun!

Fun doesn't have to cost anything. Justin and I went hiking a lot, would go down to my dad's house in St. Louis and explore the city there, we went to every playground we could find, the zoo, children's museums, canoeing/tubing on the river with friends and family, etc. We'd often pick up a $5 footlong from Subway to share (remember when they were $5?) and a lot of museums/parks/things to do have discounts for students/veterans so everything we did was cheap. 

Get creative

This includes finding ways to study, things to do, and ways to make money. I am actually a 6-time egg donor, which obviously helped a lot towards getting me cash for school/living/fun stuff to do, but that's not for everyone and there are risks involved so I don't recommend it to people. Figure out things you can do to make your life easier or to get money and do it! Babysit, pet-sit, walk dogs, wash cars, rent out your 2nd bedroom as an what you have to do to get through college, because I promise you, it's worth it for you and for your kids in the end. 

Push through it

I have actually had several people tell me that their lives just aren't as easy as mine or that not everyone can work as hard as I do...WHAT?!?! First of all, my life has not been easy in the slightest and I have had to work and work hard for everything that I have - literally nothing has been given to me. There were many times while I was in school where I just wanted to cry and give up (and I did cry a lot, actually). But I never gave up because I knew it would be worth it in the end and it has definitely been worth it. Yes, I am a hard worker and driven internally to work my butt off now, but I firmly believe everyone can work as hard as I do because I haven't always been this way. I was the laziest teenager who ever lived. I slept until 3 all summer and on the weekends, I never worked out, was crap about helping out around the house, and I barely put any effort into school. It wasn't until I had Justin that I realized I needed to get my ass into gear and really start trying to make something of my life so I can give him the best life possible.

Find something that drives you and motivates you and focus on that. Use whatever that is to keep you going even when times are tough. As I mentioned above, I cried A LOT through this process because it is a really hard thing to do, however Justin seemed to always know when I was down and he'd wrap his sticky little arms around me and give me big hugs and kisses and this kept me going. I talk about other things I do to keep myself motivated here if you want to check it out for more ideas. And when you go through that hard time and pull through it, whether it's a bad grade, your car gets repossessed right before Easter and you have all of the Easter stuff for your son in your car (true story - I used to be really terrible with money) or you have finally graduated after 2-4 years of seriously hard work, be proud of yourself. Because you did it. And it's SO worth it!

And then once you get that degree and start a job, you can start looking into fun things like certifications or advanced degrees because you are absolutely insane like I am...or just enjoy this accomplishment, since it's a huge one!

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back on Friday with more shenanigans and insanity!

Monday on a Tuesday and the BIG NEWS!

Is it just me, or do you also feel like you only got 2 days off and it's actually Monday? There's no way I'm the only one feeling this way. 

Needless to say, I was on the struggle bus for real today. Actually, I was on the struggle bus all weekend. Jules is not sleeping well at all. We've moved her back into her bedroom and we're basically back to square one with her sleeping like total crap and waking up and then we bring her into our room and she sleeps horribly and basically keeps me up all night. And I feel super guilty doing any sleep training since she just went through that whole hospital/illness ordeal and is extra clingy and needy right now. So for now, I'm back in the no sleep club. 

Last night was especially bad since I kept dreaming we were living in a house like the house from The Conjuring, which is scary AF and kept jolting me awake all night long. And then Jules was screaming bloody murder and I brought her to bed where she rotisseried all night long, kicking me and resulting in an awful night of "sleep".

I would say send coffee, except my anxiety is through the roof right now and caffeine makes my anxiety much worse. So don't send coffee. Send me a clone who can work for me all day while I nap under my desk. 

Before I jump into the BIG NEWS, I thought I'd do a workout round-up from last week. 

It wasn't a great week for workouts - I'm still getting back into the swing of things after being in the hospital the week prior, Jules isn't sleeping well, and I'm also not sleeping well, so waking up to workout was a real struggle all week last week.

Monday - P90X Chest & Back and core workout 

I was off of work so I could take Jules to some doctor's appointments, so I didn't end up working out until 11. Which means I was able to smile BEFORE my workout. It's amazing how that works when you're not still half asleep and feeling like the living dead!

Also the core workout I'm doing is still the transverse abdominal workout for diastasis recti - I am staying away from traditional ab workouts until I make some awesome progress on my gap.  

Tuesday - nothing, nada, rest day

I couldn't wake up to workout before going back to work and there was no way I was doing it after work. Oh well!

Wednesday - P90X Arms & Shoulders and core workout

I worked a half-day on Wednesday because my mom was flying home in the afternoon and we weren't ready to take Jules back to daycare yet, so I slept through my alarm in the morning and did my workout in the afternoon. Hence the happy "before" picture. 

And just in case you're wondering how I manage to do an almost hour-long workout while I have a toddler in the house who is awake?

I use the iPad for my workout and Jules hangs out on the couch and watches a movie on the tv. Right now she's really into all of the Toy Story movies, Sing, and the Secret Life of Pets. She does sometimes get up and whine, but she usually allows me to put her back on the couch or have her play with her toys and 95% of the time I can finish my entire workout without any major meltdowns. 

Where there's a will there's a way, and I will get my workout in!

Thursday - Speedwork and core workout

First, I exploded my aminos/preworkout all over everything on the counter. I'm still not even sure how it happened - I was tired and spazzed out or something? 

This lead to me giving a stank-ass-before-run face - look at that grumpy face!

However a good run always makes me feel better and this was a pretty awesome run! Hard as crap and humid as a mother, but a good run!

What a fantastic picture of me. So flattering.

Friday - P90X Legs and Back and core workout

I was definitely struggling a bit, as you can see from my lovely pictures above, however I managed to get my crap together and get a great workout in so that's all that matters!

See what a great workout does though? Look at how happy I am! Using filters helps too...

Then I took Saturday and Sunday off because Jules slept horribly and it was ridiculously hot outside and I didn't want to run or do anything. 

So I had 3 rest days last week - whatever, it is what it is!

As I mentioned a post or 2 ago, I gained a solid 5 pounds the week we were in the hospital with Jules - stress + all.the.carbs = fluff. On top of the lack of activity, excessive carbs/wine consumption, and stress, it was also a certain special time of the month. Resulting in me being extra super fluffy. Between then and now, I have lost some of the fluff, however I still have 9 pounds to go before hitting pre-Jules weight and then a solid 4-6lbs to get to a "happy" place...although at this point I think I'd be pretty happy just to get to pre-Jules weight. And yes, the scale and I are back together for now but there's a legit reason for this...

I have to lose the Jules/wine/food weight (I can't realistically call it baby weight anymore...). You may be asking yourself why there's an urgency now when I've been carrying it around for 16 months without much concern...wellI have to be able to fit into all of my cold weather clothes again by September or so...

Because we're moving to Rhode Island!

The company I work for has their home office in Rhode Island and I've been offered a promotion with a completely new position in a different department. I know I've mentioned not loving my job all that much in the past - I've hit a bit of a ceiling here in Florida and can't promote without moving, plus I love being challenged and haven't felt challenged in awhile. So Jason and I decided to accept the position/move and we'll be moving in mid-July or so. Well, I'll be moving with the kids and Jason will likely have to stay behind for a couple of months until he's able to start a position in RI or Mass (law enforcement jobs hire in waves so he likely won't be able to start right away even if he gets hired somewhere right away). So this will obviously be a huge challenge since I'll be moving to a new state, with a higher cost of living, with two children, and likely by myself for a few months. However Jason and I have done the long distance thing in the past and taking this move/job sets us up to be able to finally put roots down somewhere for good instead of having to worry about moving every few years in order to move up in my career. Being in home office is something I've always wanted, so I'm super excited for the possibilities for my career and our lives in RI. I've always had this ridiculous vision of Jules running through an apple orchard in the fall with cute, little pigtails and a basket of that weird? 

So we'll have to struggle for a bit, but I have always found that it's the hardest times and riskiest choices that have the greatest pay-offs. 

Luckily I have quite a few friends up in RI and Mass and Jason has a lot of family in CT that will only be a 2 hour drive away, so we have more of a support system that I've ever had when moving in the past - we moved to Mass and Florida without knowing anyone in either place. We're already planning on Jason coming up once a month for a week at a time so we're still able to see each other as much as possible, and I'm 100% confident this will only make us stronger as a family/couple. 

So bring on the lobster, Block Island ferry, nor'easters, FALL, pumpkin everything, NYC, blizzards and snow days, hiking every weekend, leaf peeping, weiners, and Waterfire! 

And now you know why I was dreaming about living in the Conjuring took place in Rhode Island! So I'll be getting super hippie-dippy and smudging and sage-ing the crap out of wherever we move to because I'm not doing any crazy haunting crap. No way!

You better believe this is going to end up resulting in some interesting posts, so I hope you have subscribed so you never miss any of this crazy adventure!

Does anyone have any tips for moving cross country with 2 kids? I've done it a couple of times with 1 kid, but doing anything with 2 kids is a huge challenge! Also have you ever saged a house? It's a legit thing that people do to cleanse bad energy from a new home before moving in - I'm seriously going to do it. I can see Jason in my head shaking his head while reading this. Lol. 

Have a great day!

A-Z of Being a Working Mom

Ahhhhh...the joys of being a working mom.

Like when you burn the shit out of your neck when you're running late while getting ready in the, just me?

This post is brought to you by me, a working mom who seriously feels like she's barely keeping her shit together 90% of the time so maybe I'm not the best person to be getting advice from...HA! But in all seriousness, here's what I do to try to keep it together as a working mom of two. Those of you with more than two are the real heroes here. 

Before I start, I am in no way, shape, or form saying that I am busier as a working mom than a mom who doesn't work - we're all busy, just in different ways. I will say that I miss watching HGTV while my daughter napped on me during my maternity leave, but that is not even kind of an example of how a SAHM operates - that's just how operated while I was home with my daughter for five months. #runonsentencealert! That was awesome and I love all of those dang shows. I might take a couple of days off this summer just so I can stay home and watch HGTV! 

I now bring you, the A-Z of being a working mom...

A - Attitude is everything (almost)

There are so many days where I wake up exhausted and cranky and I'm just not feeling it. If you follow me on Snapchat this is actually a fairly regular occurrence that I mention in the morning. Those are the days when I tend to put on the most ridiculous song I can find (Mr. Blue Sky usually works for me) and try to dance and put on a smiley face on my drive to work. I've found that if you force the smile on and try to just fake like you're happy, before you know it you'll actually be happy. So fake it til you make it!

 B - Be brave

Don't be afraid to take chances, even when it may affect your family. You obviously don't want to quit your breadwinning job to become a circus performer (unless it's really lucrative), but don't be afraid to take that promotion, move across the country, try something new, etc. These are the times when you will learn the most about yourself and show your family what you're made of. Justin and I have moved from Alaska to Illinois to Massachusetts and now we're in Florida (for now). We've made awesome friends and had awesome times at each place and have had our struggles as well. Don't let that stop you, because it's those struggles that really show you how badass you are. 

C - Cry it out

There are some days where I might be handling emergencies from everyone - my team, people from other teams, my kids, my husband, etc., and before I know it, it's already 9:30 and I haven't sat down yet and I just want to lay on the floor and cry. Sometimes I keep it together, but some days you just need to cry it out. I almost always feel better after a good cry, so don't try to hold it in and be tough. All that will get you is a shitty mood. And if you have a hard time crying, just start watching This is Us. That'll get those tears out, I promise!

D - Don't say yes to everything

I think as women we are often expected to just say yes to everything that's offered to us. I have turned down projects, promotions, and moves because I knew it wasn't what was best for me and my family. Does it suck to say no? YES - especially when it's a chance to finally get what you've been working towards for years. But you can't say yes to everything. And for God's sake, don't try to make a bunch of cookies on a weeknight when you're already exhausted and overwhelmed. Sometimes store bought is best when it saves you from a nervous breakdown. #justsaying

E - Entertain at your house

After working a full day/week the last thing I usually want to do is go out. While I do enjoy getting dolled up and going out or hitting up a restaurant for a meal every once in awhile, it's so much easier to just have people over. Especially if they're people who you know won't mind that your house isn't perfectly clean (mine never is). Get a bag of chips, some wine, and hang out with some friends who are just as overwhelmed as you are. I recommend playing Cards Against Humanity or Guitar Hero - no thinking required, and lots of fun to be had. 

F - Sometimes you just have to say fuck it. 

You know I couldn't have an A-Z without including the "F" word. In order to survive you just have to let things go. You aren't going to make everyone happy, you aren't going to be the most popular person on Earth, you won't be a perfect boss, your house is going to be disgusting sometimes and you know what? Fuck it. Do what you need to do to be happy for and with yourself and everything else will be fine, I promise you.

G - Be genuine

Give everyone else support and empathy without expecting anything in return. If you expect anything in return I promise you will be disappointed, however I've found that by being a genuine person who shows empathy, the universe will give it back to you...sometimes. Just don't have ulterior motives or an agenda, because I have never seen that work out for anyone. I believe that the reason I am good at my job is because I care and am genuine with the people I work with - they know I have their best interests at heart and even when I'm telling them something they don't want to hear, they know it's from a good place. 

H - Have fun & don't take everything so seriously

You spend so much of your day at work and it's so important to have fun. It's obviously not going to be a blast all the time, but take time here and there to do something ridiculous. One of my coworkers and I have a witching hour around 4 when we will usually get up and start doing something ridiculous for a couple of minutes. Crack some jokes with a coworker or prank someone (as long as you can do it without getting fired). Life is too short to be serious all the time. 

This doesn't just apply to being at work - make sure you goof off and have fun when you're home too. I have absolutely no problems doing something ridiculous to get a laugh and can often be found dancing around the living room with my kids to a Disney movie or messing around while at the store to make it more fun...

I - Invest

Invest in yourself, in your clothes, in your hair, and in your shoes. Take time to learn more about your job or enrich yourself in one way or another. I had zero insurance experience when I began my career but have since earned 3 insurance designations (one of them earned me a free trip to Hawaii). In doing this you will become a better worker and will also provide a good example for your children.

As for the clothes/hair/shoes - dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Even when I was 9 months pregnant I refused to come to work in leggings and flats. In order to do this I actually subscribed to letote, which is essentially a clothes rental service. They have an option for maternity clothes, which is the only reason I looked decent during my pregnancy because maternity clothes are expensive AF. And now that I'm in-between sizes I have started the service back up, since it ensures I have decent looking clothes that fit me. Also be sure to take an extra 20 minutes to make sure you look like you care about yourself since I have always found it to be helpful in my life to look put-together (even when I'm a hot mess on the inside - fake it til you make it, people!). 

J- Just ask for help

Maybe this is just because I'm a type-A control freak, but I never ask for help with anything. I'd either rather do it all myself since I know if will get done right when I do it or I don't feel I should have to ask for help and people should just know because it's common courtesy. Take it from me - don't do this. Ask for help if you need help. I've recently starting asking for help at work whenever I'm drowning and you know what, people are happy to help, just as I'm happy to help them. Just let it go and let someone else take care of it and I promise, you'll feel better for it (lots of promising going on here!). Teamwork makes the dream work!

K - Kick up your feet and take a moment to yourself

Unless I'm studying for something, I spend my entire lunch break on my phone with my headphones in reading, watching funny videos, or doing something else entertaining. And I literally kick my feet up on a chair while doing it. So take that lunch break and take the time for yourself. This also applies to 4pm when your witching hour hits you - don't be scared to put on a horse mask and run around the office trying to make people laugh. (Unless it will get your something else if it will get you fired).

L - Leave work early...

Take a half-day off and go home when no one else will be there. Kick off your shoes, take off your bra, and take some time to relax in a quiet home without anyone there. Sure, you may just end up cleaning the entire effing time, but at least you got to clean without anyone else there to make messes after you. This is something I do several times a year and it's required for my sanity - without it, I literally never get a moment to myself where someone isn't relying on me for something and it's something I need to survive. 

M - Make time for yourself

This is my workout time every morning, 6 days a week. Yes, it requires me to wake-up at an ungodly time, usually after only 5-6 hours of sleep, but it's an hour or so that I get to myself, for myself. I think I would be a raving, certifiable lunatic without it. Like for real.

Oh that's right, I'm already crazy...

Oh that's right, I'm already crazy...

Oh that's right, I'm already crazy...

N - Never stop learning

I truly believe in being a lifetime learner and I'm always working towards a new something that I want to learn about. For the past few years, I've dedicated myself to learning more about the insurance business. I also take a lot of time and try to learn as much as I can about fitness and nutrition; I've thought about becoming a personal trainer and/or a registered dietitian. Right now I'm contemplating going back to school and getting either my MBA or my Masters in Human Resources. And I've always had plans to go back to school when I retire and get a degree in literature, since I love reading so much. 

O - Open yourself to criticism

This works in your personal and professional life. I promise you are not a flawless, perfect human being, since none of us are. To err is human (right? Isn't that how that phrase goes?). Take the advice/criticism that you get from people and learn from it. Some of it might be unfounded, but you can still learn from why it happened and become a better person when you do. 

P - Prep your meals ahead of time

In order to be firing at all cylinders I have to eat well. Eating well means not going out to eat every day for lunch (and that's expensive AF). To make sure I have food all week I always plan out and try to prep as much of my lunch as possible. I will do a full post on meal prep later, since the internet obviously needs more of those, but for now I just say plan it out and try to make your meal at night before you go to bed. This way you can grab it on your way out the door and you know you'll get a nutritious (ish) meal. This week I'm having BBQ chicken from Trader Joe's, rice mixed with pureed cauliflower and either asparagus or broccoli. It's yummy and easy and also leaves me more time for kicking my feet up on my lunch break since I'm not out running around getting food somewhere. 

Q - Quit feeling guilty

I don't know about you, but if I let it happen I  can feel guilty about everything all the time. I'm not a good enough boss, I can be a better mom, I suck at being a wife, I'm a bad friend, my house is a mess, I don't spend enough time walking the dog, the litter box is dirty, we ate chicken nuggets for dinner for the 3rd time this week...

Try not to let those thoughts overtake your psyche - constantly feeling guilty is no way to live. You are good enough. Your work is (mostly) done, your kids are fed, the really dog doesn't care, the cats will bite your fingers to show they're annoyed but they'll get over it, etc. Whenever you start to beat yourself up just remember that you're doing the best you can and that's the most important thing (and if you're not doing the best you can, then push it until you are).

R - Rest

Take time and rest. Even if it's just 30 minutes after everyone is down for bed and you can plop down on the couch for a bit and watch something dumb on tv, make sure you do it. Even if the laundry isn't done. Because you need that rest way more than those clothes need to be folded. If they end up wrinkled just throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes when you need to wear them #thatshowthismomirons

S - Share your knowledge/expertise

If you are mentoring or training someone, make sure you share all of your best tips/tricks/workflow so they are set-up to succeed. This isn't a competition and we should all be lifting each other up instead of trying to knock each other over. Do good stuff and good stuff will happen to you. I promise. 

T - Take time to enjoy the small stuff

Almost every night my daughter curls up against me and wraps her little arm around my neck as she's falling asleep. This morning my son gave me a hug as I was running out to my car and told me to have a good day. He's 13 people - he still hugs me! Someone on my team at work always takes the time to thank me for helping them meet a goal that they struggled to meet for years. That's what it's all about - make sure you take the time to enjoy it. 

U - Understand that it's not all about you

Someone might be snippy with you one day - don't take it personally. Your boss might have their door closed all day - it's probably not about you. Your kid will tell you they hate you - it happens to all of us. Take a deep breath, shake it off, and move on. 

V - Variety is the spice of life


This is especially important at work. If you find yourself getting bored, find something new to do. Look for a project you can help with or even ask for more responsibilities - I've done both! Don't let yourself get bored and stuck in a rut - that's when complacency happens and then it's a quick slide into lazy-town. 

W - Wine. 


X - Extend yourself, but don't overextend yourself

It's fine to be uncomfortable in life; shoot, I think it's important and a good thing. The more uncomfortable you make yourself the more you'll put yourself out there and try new things. I always try to do new things and try things that make me uncomfortable since I know those are the best experiences you can have for growth - except bungee jumping or sky diving. Those experiences will never happen.

 That being said, don't overextend yourself. And for the love of Pete, don't sign your kids up for every sport under the sun while also expecting them to have straight A's and keep their room clean. Let your kids be a kid and let yourself chill sometimes (which is impossible if you're carting your kids to a million different practices each day after already working a full day). 

Y - You

Be you, take time for you, and don't forget who you are. Sometimes you do need to be selfish and take time that you need (which is what I do when I exercise). But by taking that time for you, you're better able to be the you everyone else needs too. Which sounds like something Dr. Seuss may have written, so if I plagiarized, it was not intentional.  

Z - Make sure your zipper is zipped

I used to have these work pants that would always unzip themselves. Talk about embarrassing. Now I only wear dresses. Lesson learned.

I hope you're all having a great day. Do any of you have anything to add to the list?