Fri-yay Fun-yay!!

It's finally freaking Friday! This week was a super long one. Yesterday felt like the neverending day. Seriously. I didn't take a lunch due to leaving early to take my son to the airport to see his dad, and the day just dra g    g      e           d  .............

You know what I think is really cool? Being able to STALK my son's flight and knowing exactly where it is. I stayed up way past my bedtime waiting to make sure he made it in Chicago and found his grandparents without any issues, but that's just what we do as mom's right?

I sent Justin that picture and said "you're almost there!" and I think it kind of freaked him out because he replied "how do you even know that???".

Yes, mom's really do know everything!

I have a bunch of things from this week that I've absolutely been loving. Let's start with my FAVORITE. 


Now to my second favorite thing this week...

Shaun Week!!

I know I've mentioned this a million times, but it's worth mentioning again.

I'm not a beachbody coach and I'm not trying to sell you anything.

I just really love beachbody workouts. 

And these workouts so far this week are no exception. First of all, I've lost 3 pounds this week! Yes, seriously! I have been stuck at the same higher weight since about February and it's been really frustrating, but with this loss I'm almost at my lowest post-Jules weight! As I mentioned earlier, it was time for me to start being honest with myself about how much I've been eating and that's exactly what I've done this week and I'm finally seeing some results. Go figure.

I don't think the results are solely based off my eating though...these new Shaun T workouts are amazing! They are actually not quite as intense as my usual workouts and they're shorter than I'm used to (23-43 minutes), but they are seriously effective and I'm feeling the burn all over! To be fair, I've added a few extra workouts in (running, my core workout, and HIIT), but I'm seeing results doing this that I haven't seen in the past 4 yeah. 

Also I love Shaun T as a trainer - there's a reason Insanity is my favorite program ever and I can see this becoming another favorite as well! 

I'm going to be deciding this weekend what my next program will be and I'm seriously considering not doing the last week of P90X next week, but I haven't made a decision yet. Don't worry, I'll let you know what I decide and I'll post my new workout schedule once I figure it out!

Since I've been really watching what I eat and drink, there are two things that have been my saving grace this week. 

That Halo Top is my favorite flavor of all of the "healthy" ice cream that's out there. I usually eat about 1/3 of a cup at the end of the night and it tides me over and keeps me from noshing on something else. Like an entire box of animal crackers. Not that I'd ever do that...this week...

And those drink mixes. Oh man. So I love water. Like I legitimately LOVE water and drink it all day long and usually don't like to drink anything else except for booze. The problem is that I was kind of reliant on drinking a glass of wine at night to wind down at the end of the day. And wine has calories. And my glass of wine was probably more like a glass and a half. So since I've been seriously cutting down on booze, I decided to try to find a substitute so I could still go through the ritual of winding down with a drink, but without the booze/calories. For awhile there we were buying Mio, but that shit has some seriously awful ingredients. All sorts of things that I can't pronounce and food dyes and pretty much all the stuff you should really try to avoid in life.

So I found these drink mixes in Walmart and they are fantastic! They're not anywhere near as sweet as most drink mixes, which I actually like since consuming too many sweet things dumbs down your tastebuds and then you require even MORE sweet things to satisfy cravings. Not even kidding, those are scientific terms and everything. These are flavored with natural ingredients, including stevia, which I know some people don't like the taste of but I don't mind. And it's dyed with beet juice and other natural dyes! The watermelon is my favorite, so I like to make a tall glass with ice and then sit and relax on the couch while sipping my hooch. 

Let me know if you check them out! Like I said, they're not as sweet as other drink mixes but by the second day you can't even tell anymore. 

The giant pile of laundry isn't really a favorite, however the two hours of Handmaid's Tale that I watched while folding the laundry is definitely a fave of the week. I think I'm 5 episodes in and let me tell you what...HOLY CRAP. I love this show and will probably watch a few episodes this weekend if I can handle them. Because it's super intense and I actually have a hard time watching more than one episode at a time because it kind of freaks me out a bit. 

In other favorite tv show news, I finished Girls last weekend. I'm sad because as cringe-worthy as the show was, I actually ended up really enjoying it! And I loved the way it ended. No spoilers here but if you're a 20 to 40-something and looking for an interesting show to watch, check it out!

Now that I'm done with that I think I might try finishing Divorce on HBO, the new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I'm rewatching The Gilmore Girls because it's the best show ever. So there you have it - my tv faves of the moment!

I ran in shorts this week! I have mentioned this in the past, but one of my goals for 2017 was to run in shorts and do so comfortably. I never used to have a problem until I started gaining weight after going off Yaz a couple of years ago, and I hate when my shorts ride up when I run. I'm talking I get pissed off when it happens and stop my run and probably throw a temper tantrum. So I have just stopped wearing shorts and wear yoga pants. The problem with that is it's hot AF in Florida and running in shorts is almost a necessity. So yesterday morning I did it. It was only for 11 minutes, but I was running really fast that entire time and my shorts only made me go crazy like once. So I call that a win and a fave from the week!

Another fave from yesterday morning...

No filter needed sunrise pic for the win!

While looking through my old pictures for my blog on Wednesday I cam across this gem of an oldie but goodie. 

He wore that mustache for like a week and walked around all "excuse me, ma'am, but I mustache you a question..."

And this pic has me all sorts of excited for fall in New England! 

That was taken at our favorite place to hike in Massachusetts, Mount Tom. I've promised Justin we'll drive over to see my wifey Lucy and go hiking at Mount Tom and eat hot dogs at Nick's Nest ASAP upon our arrival in Rhode Island. I hope Jules loves hiking as much as we do!

So I sent this to my boss yesterday...

And he was totally cool with it. One of the things I'll miss most about Florida is my boss. He's very cool, very relatable, and is totally fine with me sending him a post from fuckjerry on Instagram or ridiculous Snapchats. 

I'm getting a spelling error for "relatable". And it's totally spelled right.

Get yo shit together, squarespace!!

I've had a couple of people recently make comments about my eyelashes and mascara game being strong, so I have decided to share my secret with you...

I use two different type of mascara. A volumizing one that I put on first and a lengthening one. You want to put them on without any break between them - so I put the volumizing on the right eye and follow immediately with the lengthening before doing my left eye. I love Maybelline mascara - I've even tried the super expensive Diorshow mascara and always come back to Maybelline because it's better. And I always use the regular kind - never waterproof. I hate waterproof mascara because it flakes off and looks terrible by the end of the day and I feel like it damages my lashes. 

So now you have the secret to my glorious eyelashes!

Finally I have one BIG recommendation to you and it's a huge YAY for me this week...

The Beatles XM channel is LIFE!!! My XM hasn't changed from this channel since I heard about it late last week and I don't think it will change any time in the near future. The Beatles have such fun and awesome music and I always have fun when I listen to them. Even when the song is "Yesterday". 

Question for you...

What are you doing this weekend? Do you have any fun plans? Any music or TV you can recommend to me? Don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday!

This should be a fairly low-key weekend since Jason is working all of it but Sunday (and he's working Saturday night so he will be sleeping most of Sunday). I am going to go thrifting for winter clothes and stuff with a friend tomorrow and also plan on getting a poke bowl because I need to eat as many as possible before I leave. 

Speaking of leaving...we leave in 4 weeks...

Holy shit!!

Have a great weekend, friends!

I'm a Happy, Peppy Person - How I Keep My Energy Up & Stay Positive

Happy Friday Eve, my friends! How is your day/week going so far? 

I'm still having a crazy-doozy of a week, and I'm blaming it on the full moon. I know these are super small potatoes in the grand stew that is life, but here are some of the fun things that have happened so far this week:

  • Jules is sleeping like crap. Like super duper crappity crap. She has been waking up 1-3 times and waking up for good earlier than usual, which is throwing my entire morning routine off. This morning she decided to wake up at 5:30, which was about 5 minutes into my workout. Instead of stopping (not an option), I brought her downstairs, gave her some cereal and some water, and put the Minions movie on my iPad. It kind of worked. 
  • The wifi wasn't working yesterday morning, but I didn't know it was the wifi and assumed it was the AppleTV (we don't have cable, FYI). So I did a hard reset of the AppleTV and then figured out the wifi was broken. Meaning I need to reinstall all of the apps on the AppleTV and I don't know any of the dang passwords.  
  • Julianna's hairbrush went missing and it was picture day yesterday - I attempted to do cute pigtails using my brush, but it just wouldn't work because her hair is fine. So her hair wasn't done for pictures.
  • Speaking of the pictures, Jules refused to smile and is actually super teary-eyed and sad in her picture; the upside of this is we didn't pay $50 for a ton of pictures we won't use the majority of!
  • There is still egg everywhere from our shenanigans the other day - I found a bunch on the floor and wall of Julianna's play enclosure in the living room, which is pretty far from where the stupid egg exploded. I am not a real grown-up and I refuse to adult. Obviously. But now I have to clean it up, which is dumb.
  • Scooby is still on antibiotics and absolutely hates them, so any time I go near him he tries to hide. This resulted in him running under the bed yesterday morning and missing a dose because I couldn't get him out and I needed to leave for work like 5 minutes earlier. 
  • I tried to make my breakfast yesterday before going to work; I have been doing a copycat Bacon Gouda Egg sandwich from Starbucks the past few weeks, because I love that sandwich, but it costs like $5 and it's hardly big enough for a snack. So I've been making it at home. Went to make it yesterday and the cheese I'd just opened a day or two prior was freaking MOLDY. I don't do mold. I know some people will cut it off and still eat it, but I can't. My stomach won't allow it and I'd puke all over. 

So just in case you haven't figured it out, I'm cranky and I'm tired and my house is covered in egg and I don't want to adult. At all. So how in the crap am I still energized and (mostly) positive? Let me let you in on my ways...


Just kidding. Don't do crack, it's wack.

First and foremost, I exercise.

Even on the nights when Jules is up several times and I'm so effing tired I can't even, I just get up and do it. As long as I was able to get 4-5 hours of sleep, I'm forcing myself to get up and get my workout in. Now you might be thinking to yourself that this is dumb and how is it possible that waking up 60-90 minutes early to do something active gives you energy, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that I have never regretted a workout. Ever. Sure it's sometimes hard to roll my happy ass out of bed, but I know that by getting my workout in I'll feel great when I'm done and it will give me energy to get through the day. I do always have my preworkout aminos and sometimes will have a small bowl of cereal prior to starting my workout, which gives me that little burst of energy I need to push play or run out of the front door for a run. 

I know a lot of people struggle with that 2-3pm slump where they are dead tired and need to get another coffee in them to survive. You're probably going to hate me for saying this, but I don't have that slump (anymore). And I really think it's because I workout in the morning. 

Another reason I don't get that slump?

I don't drink any caffeine after noon. 

Ever. Like never ever. As I've mentioned in the past, I only drink one caffeinated drink a day, and that's usually my preworkout amino drink. Any time I do drink caffeine after noon, I struggle to sleep that night and have anxiety attacks that day. So if you're really struggling with your energy and you have the dreaded slump every day, try cutting that caffeine out in the afternoon and do a workout in the morning. It might take a couple of weeks, but I promise you will see some positive results and feel so much better!

So now you're like, but Jamie, how will I make it through the day without my mid-afternoon caffeine? 

Don't worry, I have more!

Get up and move around. 

Get up  and go for a quick walk. Shoot, just get up and go to the bathroom or get some water. Go outside for 2 minutes, even it it's cold and snowy and cloudy. That might even jolt you awake even better than when it's warm and sunny. Either way, get outside and move. I work in an environment where we're all expected to be available to answer phone calls and questions as they come, but it's still okay to get up for a few minutes and shake your legs out. So if we can do it, you can do it!

Eat a balanced diet. 

Don't be like 26 year old Jamie. 

What this means is protein, fat, and carbs. I've done the low carb thing and I understand the appeal - you lose a lot of weight quickly and it really leans you out. But I don't give a crap what anyone says, I have NEVER had more energy on a low carb diet. I always have a headache and feel like shit and my brain doesn't work. On that same token, you need to balance the carbs you eat with protein and good fats. Don't just eat a donut or pop tarts for breakfast, wash it down with a soda, have some "healthy" veggie pasta for lunch, and then wonder why you're so tired and gaining weight and feel like crap every afternoon.

Make sure that whatever you're eating for breakfast and lunch (and dinner too) has carbs and protein and fat. If you want to eat oatmeal for breakfast that's great, but don't just eat oatmeal. Have an egg or two on the side, or add some chia seeds and protein powder to the oatmeal. One of the best benefits of eating more protein and balancing out the carbs you eat with protein and fat is that the food you eat will keep you full for a longer period of time. I think this is probably another reason I don't get that slump - every lunch I have includes carbs, protein, and fat. I rarely need to eat after my lunch until I get home from work and get dinner ready...although I do sometimes snack on chips because I love them and I can't quit them. #imnotaquitter

That pasta was the 

One final and totally amazing thing that I have recently started doing that keeps my energy up is...

Water temp cycling at the end of my shower. 

I have no clue where I read this, but a couple of months ago I read that at the end of your shower you can run the water super cold for 10 seconds, hot for 10 seconds, and then super cold again for another 10 seconds and it will give you energy. Guys, this has been a game changer for me. I have been running cold water at the end of my shower for a long time , but doing the cold-hot-cold cycle immediately gives me a surge of energy that is long-lasting. Plus it makes your hair shiny!

Also if you're not taking a shower in the morning, I would recommend you do it; always works to wake me up!

So I've given you some of my tips for energy, but how about the ways I stay positive? First of all, I'm just a positive person. I may complain a lot and call people assholes all the time, but deep-down inside this crazy body, I truly believe in glass half-full AND I believe in the best in people. This does sometimes get me screwed over (because there are assholes out there that take advantage of this trait), but that's okay because I also believe in karma and those assholes will get theirs eventually.  

Being positive and having a happy face can be a struggle even for me sometimes, but I'm always getting compliments on how full of energy and happy I am so whatever I'm doing is working. 

I remember reading on a blog that I read and I'm sorry I don't have the link to the specific post, but Tina had a blurb at the end of a blog a year or two ago about changing your mindset and a good way to do that.

So here's my biggest secret...instead of thinking about having to do stuff instead I think about getting to do stuff. That's it and it's one of my biggest tips for energy AND positivity! I use this almost every single morning when my alarm goes off and I just don't want to get up and workout. I may not want to do it, but I get to. The same goes for work - I will totally admit that I don't love my job. Sure, I'm good at it, but I don't really love it all that much. So what do I do when I'm in my car complaining on Snapchat before going into work because I really don't want to do it that day but I need to get my butt inside and get to work? I think to myself that I may not want to go to work, but I get to. 

So I urge you to start doing this yourself (and thank you so much to Tina for posting about this since it has made a big positive impact in my life).

You may not want to go to work/clean/workout/adult, but at least you get to. 

And there are people out there who can't do what you get to do. I promise that making this one change in your mindset will make a huge difference in your overall attitude.

Don't worry, that's not all - I have some more tips for you. 


Force yourself to smile, even if you don't want to. I know it sounds cliche, but the more you smile the better your mood will be. If I'm in a particularly shitty mood I have a guided mediation that I have bookmarked on Insight Timer that is absolutely amazing. Just don't do it in front of people because it will make you look batshit crazy due to having your eyes closed and smiling approximately 900 times during the meditation. So find a nice, quiet room somewhere and try it out. You might feel weird the first few times you do it, but even then I can ensure you'll be in a better mood. 

Do something ridiculous/funny

All of my friends and family are funny and ridiculous people. We send each other funny pictures and videos and do ridiculous things to make each other laugh.  We are all also positive people - coincidence? I think not. If you're feeling down, do something funny or watch something funny. Look up ridiculous cat meme's. Watch Vine compilations. Whatever makes you or others laugh will pep you up immensely!

This also ties into my next tip which is to...

Surround yourself with positive people. 

Negativity spreads - don't hang out with negative people! Have you ever noticed that you'll be at work or somewhere and one person will start complaining about something being wrong. Either something isn't right or unfair, but for whatever reason something just sets them off. So they're complaining and going on and on and even if they're not justified and you know it, I bet it brought your mood down, right? I do everything I can to remove myself from negative situations. You obviously cannot remove yourself 100% of the time, but by getting out of the negative situations and away from the negative people as often as you can, you remove that influence from your life as much as you can control it. And that's a good thing. 

Dress up and put your face on.

No matter how crappy I feel after being up with Jules all night long or having a crap night/morning, I always make sure I shower, put on something nice, and do my hair and make-up for work. Except on the weekend - then I just braid my bangs and don't usually wash my hair unless we have something planned, but just the fact that it's the weekend is enough to make me happy. There have even been times when I have overslept and I have called and let my boss know I'm going to be late and I'll stay late or skip my lunch to make up for it (luckily my bosses are awesome). This might just be me, but I would feel so much worse if I threw on any old thing and didn't make myself look decent.

Just to be clear, this isn't even full-on a vanity thing. It's really not so much about looking good, but feeling like I have my shit together by looking like I have my shit together. And we all know I really don't and I'm a hot mess 90% of the time - but I can fake like I'm on my A-game with the best of them! So if you're feeling really down and out, get all dolled up and I bet you'll feel a bit better (bathroom selfie is optional...). If not, maybe try my next tip...

Watch something dumb.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been made fun of for watching crap tv and silly movies. Yes, I know it's crap, but while you're watching your "smart" tv shows/movies and the news and all of the negativity that's sometimes associated with those things, I am completely disconnected and watching something ridiculous and probably laughing about it and feeling pretty good about life. I don't have to think and it makes me laugh and I'm a happy, peppy person overall, so it's obviously working!

Do something nice for someone

And this part is it without expecting anything in return. If you're in the drive-thru somewhere, pay it forward and buy the food for the person behind you (unless they're driving a minivan, because I'm not made of money, kay?!?). If your friend is talking about needing help with something, volunteer to help without having to be asked. When you're at the store and see something that you know your spouse/significant other/kids would love, get it for them and surprise them with it (I often do this with candy/treats for my husband and kids). If you only do nice things for others because you expect them to reciprocate, you will end up disappointed ALL THE TIME. However I've noticed that just doing something nice for someone gives me all the good feels, which is a type of reciprocation and enough for me to do it again and again and again. 

Treat yo'self!

I am a very disciplined person - I wake up early to workout almost every single day and eat well most of the time. The key words there are almost and most of the time. If I was 100% healthy and disciplined all the time I would be one miserable beyotch. You can't miss out on all of the good things in life, and treating yourself is a GOOD thing. Take that rest day if you need it. Go on vacation and don't do a workout the entire time, unless you really want to do it. Eat 80% of the cookie butter cake you make for your husband for his birthday (recipe here...make it; it was amazing). Drink that beer/wine/cider/margarita. Get a groupon for a massage and take a half-day off of work to go get it without feeling an ounce of guilt. Take a bubble bath after the kids are in bed and leave the kitchen not perfectly clean.

The best part about being disciplined and healthy most of the time is when I treat myself. Because MAN does it taste/smell/feel good to do it. So don't make every day a treat/cheat but make sure you always have some sort of treat to look forward to or something fun planned for the future, which gives you something to look forward to and in turn, makes you HAPPY!

So what do you guys think? Are any of these tips things you already do in your life? Are you going to try any of these tips out yourself? 

Also, make that cake. It's awesome. 


Have a great day!

Jamie, out *mic drop*

My Rules for Living

Happy Friday! Fri-yay!!

But I'm only working 4 hours, so it'll be okay...right?

But I'm only working 4 hours, so it'll be okay...right?

Speaking of yay – we’ve made it to 15 subscribers. Woohoo! Thank you so much to everyone who’s following along and providing feedback. If you haven’t left any feedback yet, please do. What works for you, what doesn’t, what would you like to see? I do have a future post planned already based on some feedback from someone, so your opinion matters to me!

Before we dig into the meat of this post (my stomach hurts, so typing that actually made me nauseous), let's catch up with some recent happenings. 


Chicken Shawarma platter for lunch yesterday. So so good. So so garlicky. Breath so so stinky. So so worth it.

Pretty baby with a full diaper, unbrushed hair, and Christmas pajamas this morning. The dog leash is her new favorite toy. I'm so glad our living room looks like the toddler department at Babies R Us threw up all over. #moneymanagementismyforte


Filtered to crap post-workout picture from this morning. I was and still am feeling kind of crappy and did NOT want to workout, but I knew I'd feel better after I was done. The good feeling only lasted about 60 minutes so that's no bueno, but it's better than nothing and I got a great kickboxing workout in. 

Flashback Friday to Justin at his cake smash for his first birthday. He obviously ate some cake, but hated it? How is that even possible?!?

This text was from Wednesday night, which was the night I was inspired to write my post from yesterday. Literally nothing was working that night!

Moving on...

Jamie’s Laws of Living

Now you may not care at all about what I have to say, but I feel like this needs to be said and if you don't like what I have to say then why are you hate-reading my blog? Be gone and take your haterade with you!

  • Karma is a B. What you put out into the world will come back to you, so live life the way you want life to treat you. I always try to live by the golden rule and in those times when I haven’t, I have definitely been hit with the bad karma. I’m fairly certain my mid-to-late 20’s were all payback for being such an asshole in my teens (sorry mom!). And don't do nice things for others but keep a running tab and expect reciprocation because I promise you'll never be happy if you do that. Be genuinely nice without expecting anything in return, have empathy for others, and for God’s sake, tip your server!

  • This leads us to our next rule – TIP! I was a server and bartender for years and absolutely loved it, but regardless of how hard I worked I was subject to terrible tippers on the regular. Those people who are running around like chickens with their heads cut off getting you food and refills and who will have to pick up all of the food your sweet little terrorist toddler has thrown on the ground are making practically nothing. They live off of your tips, so don't shortchange them. I never tip less than 15% and in order for me to tip less than 20%, the server has to have forgotten refills or something. Yes, I’ve had bad service where the server is total crap, but you don’t know what battle they're facing right now and you shouldn't leave them with nothing. Also, if you’re one of those people who tip pre-drinks and pre-tax, please stop - your server is getting taxed on what you leave them so if you tip pre-tax it's like they're being double-taxed. It’s 20% off the total of the bill, and if you were extra demanding, have a child throwing food all over, or had excellent service then please tip more. Don’t forget to tip your dog groomer, barista, hair dresser, masseuse, mail carrier, etc. And one last thing, if you have a coupon/groupon/living social deal, for the love of Pete, please tip for the value of the services given and not what you paid. If you can’t afford to fully tip, then STAY HOME.

I’m off my soapbox now and moving on to something way more important.

  • What is the correct way to hang toilet paper? How about I tell you and provide a link to prove it? Please go here and learn the most important thing you will learn all week. 
  • This goes back to my karma rule, but if you’re in traffic please let people in. I promise that letting a car in front of you is not going to add much if any time to your drive. And in doing so, someone will smile and wave at you, which tugs at the heartstrings #amiright

Don’t forget to smile and wave at people when they let you in too – it doesn’t cost anything and it’s contagious!

  • Wash your hands when you go to the bathroom. #nuffsaid

  • Don’t use just one type of mascara. I always use two different formulas, usually a volumizing one and a lengthening one. I’ve found that one mascara by itself is never enough to give me the look I want (full, long lashes) but by combining two I'm able to make it happen.

  • Stop texting and driving! Just don’t do it! Guess why your car insurance is going up…because of people getting in accidents due to distracted drivers. A lot of these accidents involve serious injuries or fatalities, so this is serious business my friends. It’s not worth it. Oh and to those of you snapping while driving…Imma just leave this here.

  • Be the person you want your kids to want to be - you have to be the example in everything you do. Make sure your kids see you eating well, eating crap (in moderation), exercising, getting upset and dealing with it, fighting with your spouse and making up, doing something you don’t want to do but do anyway and with a smile because you have to, having fun, showing self-love and not calling yourself fat/ugly/hideous, dealing with a huge problem and fixing it, etc. Our kids are sponges that soak up everything we say and do. The older I get, the more I realize I’m just like my mom and luckily, my mom is awesome so I’m okay with that. So make sure you’re awesome and that you’re okay with your kids turning into you. If you’re not okay with it, make some changes to get where you need to be.

  • Last but certainly not least, carpe diem. I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this! You only have one life to live and who knows when it will end – make sure you really live your life. Don’t hesitate to take chances here and there, smile and laugh, eat that doughnut, run that 5K, roll around in the grass with your kids, and live your life to the fullest extent possible (but don't forget to pay your bills can't just be all willy nilly all the time).

So that's it - no big deal, right?

Do any of you have rules that you live your life by? Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? I get to meet my husband's old bestie from his Army days who I've never met this weekend and I'm nervous! I always worry that his friends won't like me or something. And then he'll have to get new friends. 

Oh I do have a humblebrag today #soblessed #idneverusethathashtagseriously 

I did a full teaser yesterday (pilates move). That ish is not easy and I haven't really been able to hold one for any extended time since having Jules. So 13 months postpartum I can kind of do pilates again. Wooooo!

Have a great Friday!

Behind the Veil

It's Thursday Eve! I hope everyone is ready to push through the rest of this week and conquer it!

The idea for this post came to me as I was prepping for dinner last night. It started when I first got home and saw cat puke on my new living room carpet. Then I kept walking through cat litter the stupid cats like to throw all over the floors. It finally became a must-do when I almost caught the oven on fire due to someone cooking something with grease that spilled all over the bottom and didn't clean it up (it was probably me, since I'm the cook).

When you almost catch your house on fire using your oven, modify and work with what you have! Instead of oven baked chicken thighs, I covered the pan and simmered for 20 minutes. Just as good and no fires!

When you almost catch your house on fire using your oven, modify and work with what you have! Instead of oven baked chicken thighs, I covered the pan and simmered for 20 minutes. Just as good and no fires!

I love reading blogs and catching up with people on Facebook, but too often it looks like everyone has their shit together way more than I do. Their kids always appear showered, well-dressed, and not covered in snot, and their homes are decorated nicely and not covered in cat litter. After reviewing what I've posted on social media recently I see that most of my pictures show some pretty well put-together kids and a nice, clean house. 

Well my friends, I think it's time to go behind the veil, pull back the curtains a bit, and let the truth shine through. This will be picture heavy, but bear with me. 

This swimsuit has been hanging here since the end of September. That's almost 6 months.

This swimsuit has been hanging here since the end of September. That's almost 6 months.

Current laundry situation in our hall - those are all clean (they've since been picked up and put in a laundry basket where they'll probably remain until tomorrow or this weekend)

Current laundry situation in our hall - those are all clean (they've since been picked up and put in a laundry basket where they'll probably remain until tomorrow or this weekend)

An example of one our closets; I'd estimate that 50% of them look like this. It's like a junk drawer...but a closet so there's room for so much more crap!

An example of one our closets; I'd estimate that 50% of them look like this. It's like a junk drawer...but a closet so there's room for so much more crap!

What's that all over and IN the toilet you ask? It's freaking cat litter. The asshole cats like to do their business in their litter box and then drink water from our toilet, making an even bigger mess in the process.

What's that all over and IN the toilet you ask? It's freaking cat litter. The asshole cats like to do their business in their litter box and then drink water from our toilet, making an even bigger mess in the process.

It's hard not to be embarrassed whenever a neighbor walks by and sees the state of the garage.

It's hard not to be embarrassed whenever a neighbor walks by and sees the state of the garage.

It feels like I spend every single day from 5am to 9pm constantly mom-ing, cleaning, helping, managing, and running myself ragged. I generally take a 1 hour lunch at work and will spend time catching up on social media, reading the news, and taking ridiculous snapchats of myself, however my social media is filled with posts like the ones I mentioned earlier. Everyone I know is a pinterest professional, has perfect kids, they party way harder than I ever could, eat so much healthier and more than I can imagine while spending half of what I spend at the store, have immaculate houses, super cool jobs, they travel to so many awesome places way more than I could ever envision, AND they don't have any effing wrinkles on their face. How is this possible?

How everyone on social media wants you to think they look after their 5am workout - suck it in, turn to get the right angle, filter the crap out of it. 

How everyone on social media wants you to think they look after their 5am workout - suck it in, turn to get the right angle, filter the crap out of it. 

It's Not. 

How I really look after my 5am workout #nofilter #mascaraface

How I really look after my 5am workout #nofilter #mascaraface

Social media is not real life, and the stuff that people post is usually not their reality. People almost always post only the good stuff, which is understandable. However since all of us are only seeing the good things that everyone else is experiencing, it has set all of us up to constantly compare ourselves to each other and wonder why we're not as good/thin/rich/traveled/well-rested/cat-litter-free as they are.

I now realize that I'm just as guilty of this and most of my pictures and posts are filled with rainbows and unicorn farts. Don't get me wrong, I like for things to be as clean as possible, but this will often result in me being on my feet from the second I get home from work playing, sweeping the floor, talking, cooking, cleaning, bathing the baby, cleaning some more, making dumb snapchats with Justin, before finally collapsing in an exhausted heap on the couch or bed wondering where my time went and how is it already 9:30 and I haven't even watched anything but Moana all day long. And then even with all of that, our house still looks like the pictures above. Guess what? I. Don't. Care. 

Having been a single mother for most of my son's life, I quickly learned that in order to keep both of us sane and to be the best mom I can be, I have to choose my battles. Having an immaculate house is one of those battles I have chosen not to fight and here's why:

  • My kids aren't going to remember that their laundry was always folded or that the closets were organized. They're going to remember that mom would always take the time to play with them, read them a story, crack poop jokes, or cuddle on the couch. 
  • When I die, I don't think my last thought will be "oh, if only the garage was better organized". I want my last thought to be, "girl, you LIVED". 
  • My husband isn't going to love me for my pantry organizing skills (even if they are pretty sick). My husband loves me because I always take the time to think of ways to make him and the kids feel special, whether it's making some ridiculous cake I've found on Pinterest that won't look anything like the picture but will taste good or picking up their favorite candy when I'm at the store. 

So I urge you to stop the comparison game and know that no one's life is perfect. Figure out which battles are really important to you and those who matter the most to you and let the other battles go. If you have to choose between having a clean closet or cuddling your babies I hope you choose to cuddle your babies. The closet/pantry/garage will always be there and it will get done, I promise. It may not happen until you move or die, but it will happen. But for now take time to slow down and appreciate what you do have, don't compare it to what anyone else has, and breathe it in...unless you're standing next to the litter box, in which case that ish probably does need to get cleaned so go ahead and do that. 

Look, a snot-free baby picture! Sure, she's not smiling and has some serious RBF, but 1 out of 2 ain't bad!

Look, a snot-free baby picture! Sure, she's not smiling and has some serious RBF, but 1 out of 2 ain't bad!

So I turn it to you - do you feel trapped in the comparison game sometimes, or are you able to just ignore it all and not worry about it? Also is your house immaculate and if so, teach me your ways. Or is it just a veil like mine? Don't hold back and let me know your secrets!