Fri-YAY Fun Post (and am I crazy?)

Happy Friday to all of you, my friends! It's such a great day, isn't it? I love Friday. I know I've said this before, but I like Friday even more than the Saturday or Sunday because it's the day that starts the weekend and I'm always in a great mood knowing I have 2 days off coming up! 

Today's post is going to be all about the things that are making me say YAY! Some of them will be funny, some will be weird, some might be annoying for some of you, but whatever! It's my blog and I do what I want. 

Don't tell me how to live my liiiiiiiiiiiiife!! 

First and foremost, how many of you are like me and you eat well for a few days to a week and start looking at yourself like, have I lost all of the weight yet? Am I making progress? Am I skinnier yet?

This was me yesterday and I was feeling good. Like, oooooh I feel so good in this dress and my stomach is feeling flatter and YAYYYYYY. Then this morning I weigh-in and I've lost less than a pound in 2 weeks. Mother fucker. 

This weight loss stuff is so fucking frustrating and I hate how I can feel good one day and the next be so annoyed because the scale is a dumb whore. 

Am I the only one who goes through this? Am I insane? Please tell me I'm not least not in this regard. 

Also, sorry about the language...I'll limit my French from here on out :-)

This is the other sunrise picture I took last week after my run when the sunrise was just so freaking pretty. No filter needed here, my friends!

How about some fun/ridiculous take-out pictures?

You know, these are the pictures that I deemed not worthy for other blog posts, but put in here because I have zero shame.  

Here's a series of the ridiculous faces I make when doing my pre/post-workout pictures. 

I am so photogenic. 

Speaking of photogenic...time for some BABY SELFIES!!

She gets it from her mama!

And her daddy too

I love how curly her hair is! I hope she keeps the curls and has beautiful, wavy, thick hair like her daddy. 

Just in case you're wondering where Justin is, he's been up in his room playing video games except for the times I order to him to come downstairs and hang out for an hour or two while I'm making/eating dinner or when I yell at him for not doing his chores. 


Oh how I wish I had a summer break again. I've actually thought about getting my teaching certificate and becoming a teacher, but that would be a big problem for me because:

  1. I like money and things and that would be a huge pay-cut and homie don't play that
  2. I don't really like children very much. I mean, I like my kids and my friends kids and my nieces and nephews. But that's because they're all pretty well-behaved and not total assholes and have manners. It's the asshole kids without manners that I don't like to be around and I have the feeling teachers have to deal with a lot of those. 

So no being a teacher and having a summer break for me! Womp womp!

Would you like to hear about how crappy Jules has been sleeping?

There's apparently an 18 month sleep regression and I'm 99% sure Jules is going through it right now.

On top of that, toddlers apparently start having nightmares around her age and I'm pretty sure she's having those too. They can start around 18 months or earlier if the child has experienced some sort of trauma, which the poor little girl has definitely dealt with :-( 

So what we're dealing with right now is a toddler who wakes up at least once in the middle of the night and absolutely will not let me put her down. I've tried rocking her and putting her back down in her crib and patting her back, but she's absolutely not having it. And then I work full-time and can't miss out on the limited sleep I do get, so I'm lazy and put her in my bed with me. So now she's doing this super fun thing where she wakes up between 4:00-5:00 and thrashes around and flings herself all over the bed, waking me up repeatedly until we both finally get up when I workout. Then she sits on the couch or bed while I'm working out and whines/cries through most of it. 

Needless to say, she's killing me. I am so tired and find myself getting frustrated with her and then feeling horrible since I know she's just a growing toddler and this kind of behavior is to be expected. I am hesitant to do sleep training again, since I don't want to traumatize her any further, but I don't know how much longer I can live like this. 

Do any of you have any advice? Have you gone through this and found a way to help the situation? 

"That flash is so bright mom, don't take pictures this early!!"

And to that I say, "your foot is so strong and swift when it kicks me in the head at 4:30 in the morning...stop doing that and I'll stop taking pictures"



(she's flailing around and fussing in that picture...send help...I'm going to lose my marbles)

You know how I have absolutely no shame and like to post horrendous pictures of myself for your enjoyment? Well here come some goodies!

I'm pretty sure I was trying to show how tired I was after my run in this picture, but all I'm getting from this picture is that I sweat a lot and make some INteresting faces. 

Of course I took more than one super unflattering pre-Jules jeans pictures! No shame in my game, folks! I need to just burn those dumb pants. BURN THEM!!!!!!!!

Except they're really nice jeans, so first I'm going to try to sell them to a thrift store. But then if they don't take them, I'm BURNING THEM!!

Speaking of flash...

That didn't work at all. But it does show that our bathroom is still pretty clean and organized and I'd like to give myself a pat on the back for that

*tries to pat self on back but remembers that I have no shoulder flexibility so I just scratch my neck instead*

Close enough.

Finally, I have some music recommendations for you guys! Do any of you even listen to any of my recommendations? If you don't, you should!

  • Reverend by Kings of Leon (late on the train for this one, but I love it!)
  • Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists
  • Slide by Calvin Harris
  • Know No Better by Major Lazer with Travis Scott
  • Rollin by Calvin Harris

For tv stuff, I'm still watching Girls and currently in the last season. I really like this show and would recommend it to everyone! Lots of boobs and butts with some "V" thrown in as well, just so you're not thrown off guard when it pops up on the screen. 

I also started watching The Handmaid's Tale last weekend and can I just say, HOLY SHIT! This show actually stresses me out so much that I can only watch one episode at a time. And tv shows never have that effect on me. But it's SO GOOD! 

Finally, the new season of Orange is the New Black was released today! Woohoo!! I will probably wait a month or two before watching, which is what I always do...once I watch it, I have to wait another freaking year for more! So I like to wait and savor knowing that it's there to watch before I binge all of the season in one weekend. Anyone else do this?

That about sums things up for me! This weekend should be fairly low-key, but busy. We're taking Justin out for dinner tonight to get some Udon/Ramen because he made the honor roll. I have a 6 mile run with some sprints at the end planned for tomorrow morning and I'm going to do it without Jules, which should make things easier...however as things always happen with running, it'll probably end up being a total shit show instead. Or it'll rain like crazy the entire time like it's been doing all week and I won't run at all - I'll run if it's raining just a little, but it has been straight pouring/storming every morning this week. Then we're having some friends over Saturday night and I may or may not be painting my kitchen table on Sunday #norestforthewicked

How about you? Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?? I hope it's a great one for you!

WIIW - Stuff & Things

Happy hump day!! It's all downhill to Friday from here! Holla!!

How's your week going so far? Mine is pretty good! I actually got a little bit of sleep last night - still not enough and Jules was up once around 1am, however it's better than it has been!

Today I'm going to do another round of What it is Wednesday and then tomorrow I'll post a deep Topic Thursday of some sort (I have to alliterate in my titles...can't help it...sorry, not sorry). 

First and foremost... 

Don't mind his goober face on the right (he was half asleep), can we marvel at how much he has grown and how BIG he is now?!? If you look at where his ears are on the door, he has seriously grown like 4 inches. I can't handle it...time can slow down now. They aren't even kidding when they say you need to cherish the time you have because it flies by - I have an 8th grader. It's been several years since he has asked me to pick him up (and since I've been able to physically hold him since he's way bigger than me now). Before I know it, he will be in college somewhere eating pizza all day every day and never putting pants on...which honestly isn't that much different than where we are now. 

So the entire point of this is, do try to cherish the time you have with your kids because it does fly by and they're all grown up before you know it. Even when they're being assholes, because let's be are assholes a lot of the time (you know it's true). 

Mirror is CLEAN!

I deep cleaned the entire bathroom this weekend and organized some crap and it looks so great. And I can see myself in the mirror without any embarrassing stuff all over it. I mean, I didn't really care all that much, but it was kind of gross. 

Guess what my first thought was when I saw this picture my husband took of Jules and I playing at the splash pad? "Uuuugggghhhh...why is my stomach so pushy-outy, I look so..." and then I stopped myself and thought (1) look at how happy Jules and you both are!! (2) Jason actually took a picture of you so stop your bitching and post the damn picture!

Also my hamstrings look awesome, so shut up critical inner voice! 

More splash pad fun...

Such great pictures of all of them <3 

Jules is walking so much better - she still has a limp that I am calling her pimp walk...judge away. But she's able to pretty much run now and is obviously loving having her mobility back. 

She even got to walk her dog this weekend, which made all of us happy...except Jax. He's not really a fan, but he tolerates it. He's become even more tolerant since he's figured out Jules will feed him anything she's eating if he's patient and sits next to her. Smart dog!

No filter necessary for the sunrise during my run yesterday. Seriously makes getting up worth it!

This picture was taken on Sunday. It's super cute, right? Now scroll up and look at the first picture I posted from Justin's last day of school on Friday...same shirt. I'm 99% sure he wore it the entire weekend and I'm also 99% sure those are the same pants. 

Teenagers are so gross. 

This picture is still cute though.

Jason worked extra duty at MegaCon this weekend, which is a huge comic book/tv show/movie/nerd fest and he was able to get us some free tickets so we went for a little bit on Saturday. First off, I saw some famous people from across the room - so cool (it's the simple things for me). Also I was pretty impressed by the amount of dedication these people have for their costumes and it makes me want to come up with a cool cosplay outfit for myself...except I'm lazy and don't care enough to spend that much money on a costume/outfit. HOWEVER we do still have our Halloween costumes from this year and since we'll be up by Massachusetts I think we'll need to go to Salem in October dressed as the Sanderson sisters (from Hocus Pocus) and Marti is totally going to fly up and join us, RIGHT MARTI?!? :-)

Now I have some super fun food/music/tv/movie recommendations, because what would a WIIW post be without those??

Favorite Recipes Right Now

These firecracker meatballs are so effing good. I urge you to plan on making them asap - we've had them 2 or three weeks in a row now and I might make them next week too...that's how good they are. We usually eat them with some white rice and broccoli or whatever your veggie of choice is and I seriously struggle not to get seconds...or thirds. DO IT!

Then I made these chicken thighs last night and MAN they are good! It is a bit of work for a weekday meal, but we ended up having 4 of them leftover so they'll be great for dinner tonight too. Of course I served them with white rice and sauteed some zucchini and summer squash for sides. Yummmmmmmm. And super cheap too; since the recipe calls for skin and bone-in chicken thighs they were only $0.99/pound at Aldi. 

Favorite Songs Right Now

I'm still obsessed with that Ra Ra Riot song I talked about in an earlier post - pretty sure I listen to it every day. Then I'm also still into the Hamilton soundtrack and have been jamming to that as well (when I say jamming I mean bopping in my car with jazz hands and faking like I can sing). However I also have some new favorites that I'm just going to admit to and get it over with...

Malibu by Miley Cyrus

The Cure by Lady Gaga

Sweet Creature by Harry Styles

So yep...that pop explosion just happened. I do find that I go in waves with the music I'm listening to based on the weather/time of the year. Here's how it usually goes...

January - early March: crazy, ratchet rap music. I need to get crunk after listening to Christmas music for a month and a half or so

March - May: I always go through a Dave Matthews phase when the weather starts warming up and lots and lots of alt rock

May - August: Summer always calls for lots of pop music, classic rock, and random musicals for road trips

September - October: I usually go back to alt rock/classic rock with some seriously hard rock/metal throw in for whatever race I'm training for. I love running to Slipknot. 

November - December: All Christmas music, all the time. Not even kidding - ask my husband. He loves it. When I say I'm basic, I mean I'm basic. 

Moving onto my favorite show right now...

I realize I'm super late to the game on this, but I've been binge-watching Girls for the past month or so and I really like it. However it makes me cringe constantly. I'm pretty sure that's the entire point of the show, but I literally cringe several times each episode. 

Finally, what I'm still all about right now...

No, not my disgusting and messy car...I'm talking about the empty carseat with my purse in the back. I'm still 100% putting my purse in the back whenever I put Jules in the car so I always have to walk around and grab it. In doing so, I ensure that I will never leave her in her carseat on accident. This is super simple, but I urge you to adopt something similar if you have a kid(s) in carseats so we can prevent any further tragedies with the hot weather this summer. 

So now I want to know some stuff about you! Do you go through random phases with your music? One music I never go through phases with is country - I can't stand it. I mean, I liked the Dixie Chicks in high school like every other chick who graduated in 2001, but everything else country is so not my jam. Also have you watched Girls and does it make you cringe as much as me? Hannah is just sooooooooo cringe-y and entitled and it drives me insane. 

I hope your hump day is humptastic!!

What it is Wednesday!

Howdy ho, friends! How are you doing?

I am doing seems that all of my emotions and stress from the past week are starting to catch up with me and manifest in some not so fun ways. For example, all of my muscles in my legs are cramping up all day/night long, I have a horrible stiff neck, and I am completely unable to fall asleep. Like I lay down at 9:30 and then my heart starts pounding and flopping around and I will start to fall asleep but jerk myself awake a million times until it's 1:30 and I know there's no way I'm getting up at 5 to work out. So that kind of sucks a lot! However I'm sure it will work itself out soon and I'll be back to normal in no time.

On the plus side, Jules took a couple of steps to get to me when I came home from work last night. Can I get a hallelujah?!?

Today I'm going to bring you another edition of WIIW, which is when I talk about some of the things that I'm totally loving or want to rant about. 

I actually don't have any new music to talk about this week...I KNOW!! I honestly have not been listening to much music since we've been in the hospital and then rushing around to appointments and whatnot. However one thing I have been doing, since I felt I needed some laughter in my life, is re-listening to all of the Straight Talk with Ross podcasts. I have been all caught up on the new episodes and decided to start back from the beginning, which has been a great decision since laughter is the best medicine and this shizz is FUNNY! 

I highly recommend you check it out if you like to laugh and love ridiculous people and shenanigans - and since you're reading this, I'm assuming you do. The podcast can be found online here and you can also listen through any podcast app that you might have on your phone. 

Let me know what you think if you check it out!

Another new absolute favorite thing for me right now?

I guess this is a two-fer because that expression on Julianna's face kills me "MOM, I'm EATING!! Get that camera outta my FACE

Let me tell you a little bit about Caramel M&M's. They're delicious, I love them, and you should get them. I don't like regular M&M's at all; like not even a little. But these caramel M&M's are so effing good - the caramel is the perfect consistency and everything just works together to make it one of my favorite candies of all time. Get them and thank me later. You're welcome. 

I love, love, LOVE baby raccoons. This little fella/lady was so freaking cute. Probably had rabies, but still SO cute. 

Another thing I'm loving so much right now?

Meme's about man rompers...

Just in case you're wondering how I feel about man rompers, I think these express it perfectly. 

Moving on.

What do you do when you've been super sick and cooped up in a hospital for several days and then stuck in the house for several more days and you finally get out?

Go to Target and browse all the stuff and things and try on hats. Obviously. She's definitely my daughter!

This picture has so many of my favorite things in it. My husband being all handsome and silly, Jules reenacting Lady and the Tramp with chips and her daddy, and a yummy Mexican restaurant with $3 happy hour margaritas and the best queso fundido of all time. 

If you check out the third picture, that's Julianna's new silly face. She goes "oooooooh" or "wowwwww" and makes that face and then giggles like a loon all the time right now and I love it. 

I'm so glad she's feeling better and acting like my silly little Jules again.

Speaking of silly little Jules...

When you're feeling lazy and don't want to lean forward to play on the iPad, why wouldn't you use your foot? So smart.

We've also started playing peekaboo/"where's Julianna" on the regs again since getting home from the hospital. She's such a good hider...

You may or may not know this, but I am about to have an 8th grader on my hands...

Those pictures are from his first day of school - he's already grown out of two shoe sizes (those were 11's and he's in 13's now) and is in a size large for shirts and 32x34 for pants. Like a real man.

I'll post a comparison picture after Friday, but holy crap.

I look way too young to have an 8th grader, right? 

Here's some link love for you...

This is so effing funny and makes me love Melissa McCarthy just a little bit more. 

If my house is a disaster when you come over, it's because I love you.

Finally, I'd be completely remiss if I didn't mention how freaking amazing and awesome my mom the cat/dog/toddler whisperer really is. She found a flight and flew down last Wednesday and has been such a huge help throughout this entire ordeal. I never would have asked her to help, but didn't need to since she's an amazing mom and knew we needed her. She has helped with doctor's appointments, getting Justin to/up for school, cooking, cleaning, drinking wine, helping me cope, etc. And I seriously don't know what we would have done without her - I would have made it work, but I'd be way more unhinged than I already am and that's scary. 

So thank you, mommy for being the best mom ever. Also, thank you Daddy Todd for telling mom to go when you knew she and I both needed it. Oh and thanks to my mom's boss for also being awesome and telling her to come down here and being so understanding (Hi Chris!). 

That about wraps things up for this week's edition of WIIW! I hope you found something funny/useful/amusing and noticed that my sense of humor and amazing personality is starting to shine through my writing again. Just think how amazing it would be had I actually slept more than a few hours the past couple of nights (or maybe it's better because I'm delirious?). 

What are your favorites/rants/whatevers that you want to tell me about? I'd love to hear what it is for you on this lovely hump day! Take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow! 

*mic drop*

I'm Breaking UP

With the scale and I'm serious. This is a dysfunctional relationship and I'm sick of it!

Now that I have your attention, don't forget to subscribe!

Before I get to the end of my relationship with my scale, I want to show you a few things. 

First we have a pre-workout selfie...

Take a look at those leggings and remember them - they play a role in the demise of my relationship with my scale. 

Then I didn't really like that selfie so I decided to mix things up and take another one in my dirty mirror right by our front door...

Blog 12.jpg

I sure do love to take flattering pictures of myself and then post them online for the world to see, don't I?! Also will someone please come to my house and clean all of my mirrors? I'm an embarrassment (but if I'm being completely honest I don't really even care). 

So I went outside and ran this morning. I had looked at my workout schedule like three times yesterday and again this morning and thought to myself every time, "cool, I only have to run 2 miles worth of 1/4 mile repeats - easy peasy". So I decided to do a full mile for a warm-up and run just a little over 3 miles. NO PROBLEM. Except here's the workout I was supposed to do:

I apparently can't math at all because I had that all sorts of wrong. Ugh. I ended up figuring this out mid-run and was like, there's no way I can run 4 miles of 1/4 mile repeats when I had only planned to do 2. Plus I really wanted/needed to do a core workout and didn't have time to do it all since I'd only planned for a total of 3 freaking miles, not 5. So I ended up doing only 5 repeats, for a total of a little over 3.5 miles. Yeesh. 

Get yo shit together, Jamie! 

Why am I showing you two nearly identical pictures of myself? Well I originally took those pictures for a blog idea - I'm really sucking it in on the left and not sucking in on the right and I had this grand plan on doing a post around them somehow. However looking at them right now, I can seriously hardly see a difference between the two and I'm going to be real honest and say that I look good. I mean, I'm pretty happy with how I look in those pictures overall - my stomach is pretty flat even when I'm not sucking it in and I felt great all day. 

Additionally, I have a ton of pictures from our beach day on Saturday and I am happy with how I look in all of them - those are freaking swimsuit pictures, people! I'm never happy with how I look in swimsuit pictures, but the fact that I was happy with all of them made me feel like I was really making some progress towards this whole self-love thing. 

Finally, remember how I told you to remember that picture from earlier with the leggings? Those leggings are pre-pregnancy and I have never been able to wear them comfortably because I always had muffin top with them. Or I'd have serious camel toe because I'd try to pull them way up over my muffin top and they were never comfortable #youknowyoudoittoo

So I should have been feeling pretty effing amazing this morning, right? 


I got on the scale this morning right after waking up and guess what...I'm up 3 pounds from where I was on Tuesday of last week. 

F&%$ the scale!!

Raise your hand if you hate the scale...

Now raise your hand if you've ever felt great about yourself only to weigh yourself and have your entire mood change....

I am right there with you! I mean, I have been feeling pretty good about myself lately. My arms and my butt are looking really toned! My stomach is pretty flat most of the time and I'm starting to be able to wear most of my pre-Jules clothes while still being able to breathe! I have pictures in my swimsuit that I didn't even hesitate to post!

Then I let that stupid number ruin my happy roll. 

Well I'm not doing that anymore. This was the last straw!

Kind of. 

This will be a gradual break-up since I am currently running a Biggest Loser contest at work and don't want to drop out of it since I'm in charge of the whole dang thing. However instead of weighing myself every day like I usually do (except for Monday - I never weigh myself on a Monday #chipschocolateandwine), I will only weigh myself for the weigh-in days and luckily there are only 2 of those left in the contest. Once I'm done with that, I am going to work to measure my health/progress with other metrics and take the scale out of the equation completely: 

  • Progress pictures - these always make me happy, so this will be my primary method of measurement. 
  • Tape measure - I am usually pretty happy with this, but sometimes I actually measure bigger even when I feel smaller due to being swole. I'm such a douche - that's the second time I've blogged the word "swole". BUT IT'S A REAL THING!! I mean I guess I could say swollen or retaining water, but swole is so much more fun to say. Now if you ever hear me say or read "YOLO" or "FOMO" on this blog and I'm being serious, please find me and slap some sense into me. Moving on...
  • How do my clothes fit? If my clothes are fitting better and I'm more comfortable in my skin then that's a good sign that I'm doing pretty well 
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar tests. I haven't talked about this on here yet, but I've had some minor blood pressure issues since getting pregnant with Jules - my blood pressure can sometimes be a bit higher than I'd like and close to borderline high, like 138/80. Most of the time it's around 120/70, but that's even higher than I like for it to be and where it used to be (110/60). Also I've had two blood sugar tests that were pre-prediabetic in the past few years; like right on the verge. Luckily they weren't consecutive and being smart with my diet makes a huge difference almost immediately - for example, my last test was borderline, but it was in December. December = Christmas cookies. My doctor wasn't hugely concerned due to this, but I'm testing again in June and hope for better numbers this time or else I'm going to have to make some big changes (and I don't wanna). 

I will still weigh myself, but perhaps on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. I might be pretty happy with how I'm looking overall, but find that my health tends to be better when I am below 140. So I know I will get there eventually, but for now I'm slowly breaking up with the scale.

In fact, I'm ghosting the scale.

(if you don't know what ghosting means, it's when someone you're dating shoots you a few texts and then disappears from your life. It's a thing now. Now you know and you're hip and trendy like me!)

MadreDiem Break UP

It's not me, it's you. 

(actually it might partially be me...I ate some chips before bed last night. But whatever...we're still broken up, you dumb scale). 

Have you ever broken up with the scale and if so, did it have a positive effect on your life? I am just so sick of feeling discouraged due to a number, when everything else is making me happy! 

I'm going to throw this in because I sooooooo need it...

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 2017

Happy Friday, from the little snot monster and me!

I can't believe we finally made it. This week has been such a doozy. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I've been fighting a migraine on and off and have been completely exhausted and also a total lunatic (see yesterday's blog for more info on this). It's been so bad that I skipped blogging Tuesday and Wednesday, which I haven't done since starting up this bad boy and hated doing. I really enjoy blogging - it's a creative outlet and it's keeping me sane while Corporate America tries to suck the soul out of me - so for me to skip 2 days meant that I was really feeling like crapola!

Before I jump into the meat of this blog, I'd like to show you how fashionable I am. 

Exhibit A:

I pull my bangs back the second I get home. While I love having bangs partially because they look cute and also because I have a huge 5-head, they drive me absolutely nuts all day long. I'm pretty sure I enjoy pulling my bangs back every evening even more than taking my bra off, which is really saying something.

The reason I'm showing you this picture is because I somehow forgot to pull my hair back while I was changing out of my work clothes last night and I was too lazy to walk back upstairs #befitlikeme. So  I took one of Julianna's hair clips and used that instead - blue flowers to match my blue eyes...

True story: Jules kept pointing at the hair thing all throughout dinner and bath time last night while bitching at me in her baby language. She was not happy to be sharing and I thought it was hilarious. 

Exhibit B

Let's take a moment to really appreciate this sexy outfit last night. Super fuzzy and warm socks with my leggings tucked in. What you don't see is the bleach-dyed black wife beater tank and tie-dyed sweatshirt I was also wearing.

Please don't forget to remind Jason how lucky he is to have this sexy beast for a wife the next time you see him.

Rawr. (that's me being sexy)

Speaking of men being lucky, let's all be totally honest with ourselves and them and the universe and get this out there...

Our men are really lucky to have us. 

And we are some awesome moms! Even if you have a bad day and snap at your kid because they lost your em effing iPhone charger for the 14th time or you decided to finally try CIO because your 15 month old is waking up 45 times a night and she wakes up with bags under her eyes and you're convinced it's because she was crying all night even though you didn't hear a peep from're still an awesome mom. And as such, you deserve to have an awesome Mother's Day and the people who should make sure it happens are our significant other. Let's be real - the kids probably won't remember and if they do, soggy uncooked toast is sweet and all, but hard to gag down. So for those of you reading this who have no clue how they would like to be appreciated or for the dude's reading who have no clue what to do for their wife/baby mama/mommy, I've got you!

Mother's Day - 2016

Mother's Day - 2016

First and foremost, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14.

Add that to your calendar with a reminder right now so you don't forget. 

This is just my humble opinion, but the #1 thing women want on Mother's Day is to have everything planned out, with them in mind, and not having to plan/cook/do anything that they don't personally want to do. Let's say you're broke and/or don't want to spend a ton of money, here's what you can do:

Take the kids in the morning without waking her up or saying anything - this will require you to wake up before the kids do so they don't get her up first, so you may want to set a quiet alarm or even sleep on the couch and give her the entire bed so she can really get some restful sleep. Around 8 or 9, grab the kids and run to her favorite coffee place and get her the drink she always talks about - this will require you to pay attention to her while she's talking for the next couple of weeks if you're not sure what that is, but I promise she talks about it. Make sure you take an insulated travel mug with you so you can get the drink in the mug and keep it warm for her if it's a hot drink. Then go home and clean something random while you wait for her to wake-up - I recommend the refrigerator, pantry, tupperware drawer/cabinet and/or toilets. The things that she usually takes care of herself but hates doing - do it without asking and I promise she will be so excited when she notices. Once she wakes up, don't ask her what she wants for breakfast - just make her something that you know she loves and give her the cards that you and the kids made/bought for her. You do know her favorite breakfast/brunch, right? If not, now's the time to figure it out.

Make sure you and the kids handle clean-up and let her go get ready for the day. Maybe she wants to go for a run or catch another workout somewhere. Tell her to go do it and take the kids to the park or something while she's doing it. Maybe she wants to spend all day hanging out with the family - plan something fun that you know she enjoys; maybe it's a day at the park or the beach, perhaps find a cool hiking trail somewhere or a family-friendly winery. You know your wife and what she likes, so this shouldn't be too hard. The key here is to have it all planned out for her so she doesn't have to worry about it. 

Finally, plan a dinner for her that you and the kids can put together and serve her, along with her favorite drink-of-choice, before telling her to take a nice bubble bath and relax while you and the kids clean up and get ready for bed. If she wants to have some sexy time later on that's fine, but let her initiate and if she doesn't want to don't be offended; mom's are always "on" and rarely get down-time, so she may need to just go to bed after a nice day of being taken care of. 

Now there is a chance that you have no choice in what you can do for Mother's Day because your mom already expects the entire family over for lunch/dinner/all day to celebrate. This is fine - do the things you can in the morning to make her feel special and make sure she gets some down-time after you get back from whatever you have to do. Get her a glass of wine and tell her take a bath or watch her favorite show  - whatever she would like to be doing if she had no responsibilities. Then tell her you have her Mother's Day planned for the next weekend and do whatever she'd like to do for the day then and make sure you handle bath and bedtime so she can really relax. 

This is probably enough to make your wife really happy (I know it would work for me!), however maybe you want to give her something as well. Don't worry, I got that covered. 

This post will include some affiliate links. If you purchase the item through the link provided I will get a very small commission, however this does not change the price of the item. It's just a thank you to me for making the recommendation. 

Mother's Day 2017 Gift Recommendations

Get her a Target gift card with specific directions to spend it on herself. No cleaning supplies or things for anyone else in the family. Then take the kids and tell her to go to Target by herself without a time limit. More than likely she'll spend more than the gift card, but there is something about wandering around Target by myself that is so amazing and fun and everything I see online shows that I'm not the only one who loves it, so I guarantee if she likes Target, she'll like this gift. 

An Initial Necklace - I love these and already have like 3 of them. Something dainty and pretty and simple is the name of the game folks. We're lucky in our family because all of us have "J" names, however there are plenty of options on Amazon and Etsy if you need more than one initial if you're getting it for kid names. Or you could just get her initial to keep things simple. I really like this one if you're going with the one letter:

Or you can go for this one if you have three kids (there are plenty of options for 2 or more if you search around Amazon). 


Another great option for an actual gift is a watch. I love my Michael Kors watch (basic AF and IDGAF). I absolutely love this one on Amazon - Michael Kors AND rose gold. YASS!

Michael Kors makes some pretty quality watches, so it's worth the investment and I promise your wife will be happy with one. I've had my watch for almost 5 years and still get compliments on it all the time.

Some other brands of watches that will make your wife pretty happy are Kate Spade, Coach, and Marc Jacobs. 

You can also always blow your entire food budget for a year and get her a Rolex or something, but that's just dumb (unless you have that kind of dough, in which case congratulations)

Flowers are always nice, but I wouldn't recommend just getting your wife flowers and calling it a day. It's pretty clich√© and doesn't really seem like you put a lot of thought into it. Plan out the entire day and let her relax and cater to her every need AND get her flowers and you'll be just fine though. You could also add on some of her favorite wines and some chocolate and you'd win the day for sure!

I know it's not for everyone, but I love a good massage or mani/pedi. Go here and get one at a discount!  Make sure you get at least an hour massage so she's really able to enjoy it and if you can book one that includes wine or something extra special, BONUS POINTS!

Does your wife enjoy working out? Why don't you get her some classes at her favorite gym or something new that she hasn't tried yet? I highly recommend:

  • OrangeTheory - cardio and weights and intervals and everything fun and hard about working out. You can look up if there are any studios in your area here
  • Barre workouts are all the rage and a fantastic workout. There are two primary barre brands that have classes countrywide and you can find out if they are in your area here and here. Barre classes are also really easy to do at home so if you know your wife/baby mama/mom would enjoy the classes, I highly recommend you check out Suzanne Bowen Fitness for a huge selection of classes that can be streamed online. 
  • Yoga is a fun option, but I would only recommend doing this if you know your SO wants to try/do yoga since it's not for everyone. You can usually find some pretty great deals on groupon or by doing a simple google search for a yoga studio in your area. Buy a 5-10 class pass and then plan out when your wife wants to go and take the kids so she doesn't have to worry about finding them care!

A word of caution - only get something fitness and workout-related if it's something your wife really enjoys and it won't offend her. If you have any doubt that she might be offended by this, DON'T DO IT!! 

This is a lot of stuff, but I can promise you with almost 100% certainty that if you just plan the day out with her in mind and let her sleep in, cook and clean up, and let her have a bubble bath, you will have a very successful Mother's Day. 

Don't forget to get the pets involved too...

What do you guys think? Am I crazy, or are these some pretty good ideas? Is there anything you are dying to get for Mother's Day that I forgot to put on the list? 

Also to the dude's reading - I will do one of these for Father's Day too and you better believe I am all about appreciating Jason just as much as he appreciates me. So you'll get yours too!

What are your plans this weekend, anything fun? Jason is working all weekend so it should be fairly low-key, other than when we are helping a friend move for a bit. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend. Make sure you subscribe so you can get notified whenever I post something new!

I Got the Blues

The Monday Blues!

Seriously though friends - I am on the struggle bus for real today. 

I don't know what is going on, but having two Monday's in a row where I am seriously just not feeling it kind of sucks. So I have decided to keep today's post light-hearted and easy for all of us, since I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling today. 

This will be our weekend in review...with pictures and 7 word captions or less. Can I do it??

(probably not...I'm a bit wordy)

But I'm going to try! Here we go. 

Before workout - not crying, just tired.

(easy so far!)

Forced after workout smile - still tired.

(2 for 2 - yes!!)

Friday night date night with my hubs. 

Only dinner, no movie - we can't hang!

(I'm still making the 7 word thing work!)

These pictures will never get old!

Wearing pants on your head is cool!

Here's what happens while I make breakfast...

(I can't believe I'm still able to do this! 7 words isn't easy, folks!)

Easter egg hunt time!

In pajamas because we don't GAF.

After breakfast walk with daddy & Jax.

Family hike time!

Runner scared the shit out of Justin!

I love my Lillebaby (and my baby)!

Don't get in the water.

Even the gator thinks you're weird.

We're all looking at the camera!

Don't fall in. Seriously.

Quick break before heading back.

Jules isn't sure about the position change. 

She's FREE!

And she's done.

We all needed a nap. 

I did it!

That was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

I'm just glad I settled on 7 words or less instead of 5, since that's what I was originally thinking. 

Do you think you could describe your holiday weekend in 7 words or less? I know I can...

Not long enough.


I hope you have a great Monday!

What It is Wednesday - Part Deux

It's Wednesday! If you round it up, we're over halfway done with the week! Woohoo!

If you are currently subscribed but haven't received any emails, be sure to check your junk folder in your email. I added myself to the list and that's where they have been going for me. 

Also, I've updated the Favorites page so please go check it out. I will regularly update it, so you may want to check back on a semi-regular basis (or just when you get a chance)

Today I'm doing another round of What It is Wednesday since I really enjoyed the last round. This is basically everything that I'm really enjoying right now, including food, funny crap my kids do, what I'm wearing, entertainment, etc. 

First, I was able to workout today! And I didn't feel worse afterwards! WIN! I haven't been able to workout since Sunday and I felt terrible after that workout which never happens. So I knew I needed to take a few days off to allow my body to get better from this dumb flu. I took the time off and now I'm getting better - imagine that!

And look, my picture isn't terrible #thankyouprettyfilter

I love Snapchat & filters

I'm in my second to last week of Chalean Extreme and then I have to figure out my next plan. I'll have 13 weeks exactly from when I finish to when I go on vacation to Illinois for my cousin's wedding, so I'm going to put together a 13 week training plan that will likely incorporate P90X (the original version), running, pilates, some HIIT, some yoga, and maybe some barre this round too. I love barre workouts because they help to strengthen all of your supportive muscles, which reduces injuries. It's also great for flexibility, which is something I really struggle with. Meaning I'm super not bendy. 

I came across this picture today and forgot how much I love it. Jax has the best RBF (resting bitch face) I've ever seen. And the side-eye? WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL DOES THAT?!?! Someone please turn this into a meme for me!

Waffles on Sunday that Jules completely wolfed down. Which is awesome because Jules doesn't usually eat much for breakfast. This is the recipe I use and I've made them probably a hundred times and they always turn out amazing. If you want to make them healthier you can substitute organic virgin coconut oil for the vegetable oil and use half whole wheat flour and half regular flour. Let me know if you give them a try!

Onto another Jules picture, I'm all about Jules taking her socks off and making her own sock puppets yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work. She was watching Moana (of course) and would take the sock off her hand, then put it back on and move her hands to make it "talk" to the screen. So cute!

Also, pigtails are life. 

Thanks to Snapchat for the amazingly appropriate filter to show how I felt on the inside after watching the last episode of This is Us (not this week's, but the episode prior - I haven't watched this week's episode yet and if you tell me what happens we will be officially fighting). If you're not watching This is Us, START WATCHING IT! This is seriously the best show ever and I don't even care that it makes me blubber like a toddler who got a super cool, but dangerous item that will probably kill them taken from them and their world is ending. Which happens on the regular over in my hood. 

Taco Tuesday is life!

Do you notice a trend here? Lots of things are LIFE right now. 

We have Taco Tuesday almost every week (not always on a Tuesday, but alliterations are better). It's super easy, Justin knows how to make it, the leftovers are bomb, and it's relatively healthy. Oh, and the kids both love it. WIN!!

Annie's macaroni and cheese is also life. 

We started getting two different kinds in our Amazon subscribe & save and it's a huge savings off of what you pay in the store. I love mac & cheese and haven't been able to eat Kraft since I've started eating Annie's. The flavor is so much better. Justin cons me into getting the Kraft brand here and there and all I taste is salt when I eat it. Salt and yellow. Yellow, salty pasta. Grossssss!!

blog 3.jpg

I took this picture Saturday after trying to fake like I was feeling okay and going to work in the morning, out to lunch and to the park. Then I came home and collapsed with this little lady. First, how is she sleeping with her arm like that? It looks like she's about to tell me whatfor. Second, I took a nap. Why don't I take naps more often? I mean, I don't have time and always have a million things to do so that's probably why I don't do it unless I'm sick (definitely for sure why I don't). However I really wish I could make more time to nap, especially when a little peanut is cuddling with me. When you look at the grand scheme of things, I won't have these moments for that long and I know that not taking more time to cuddle and nap with my smelly, sticky kids will be something I'll wish I'd done more of. So it's going to happen. Once I get all of this crap done...just kidding. I'll really try to do it more. 

Friday Family Movie Night

We're bringing it back. This used to be something we'd do almost every Friday as a family. We take turns picking a movie and then it's a no cell phone zone while the movie is playing. We'll usually eat pizza, popcorn, candy, and have some soda (wine for me, let's be real here). I really miss having those disconnected-from-the-world hours with my family, so being the matriarch, I have ordered it to come back this week. Jason is working, so that means we can watch a rom com, dumb comedy, or cartoon without I'm thinking we'll probably watch Moana. I keed, I keed. We'll watch something else, I swear!

I'm wearing red today - it's just a little, but I don't own anything red - and I hope you're wearing red too. Equal rights for women (well, for everyone) is something I've always thought we needed but now that I have a daughter of my own, is something I'm passionate about.

And last but certainly not least...

Apothic Rose

I love wine. So much wine. Actually, not too much wine because any more than 2 glasses and I feel it the next day #thankyouthirties. Apothic makes some of my favorite wines. The Apothic Red and Apothic Dark are two of my favorite wines. Oh and they had this limited edition Apothic Inferno earlier this year that was amazing. Seriously one of my favorite wines ever. Well now they're rolling out with a limited edition Rose and even though I don't really like Rose, I'm going to have to get it and try it. And I'll probably figure out I love it after the stores all stop carrying it so I won't be able to find it anywhere and I'll be so sad (this may have happened with the Inferno). So if any of my Central Florida peeps find the Apothic Rose anywhere please let me know so I can pick some up!!

One final pretty baby picture for good measure. 

That's it for today. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and if you're not, attitude is 90% of the battle so fake it until you make it. I was in a crap mood this morning on the way to work but then I listened to a super cheesy 80's song I love (Break my Stride, by Matthew Wilder) and it pepped me up and now I'm having a decent day. 

Do you have any songs that always work to pep you up when you're feeling like you want to go ape on everyone? How about any favorite wines? Red blends are my jam. And not just because they're red like jam; I just really like them.