It's Not Goodbye

It's see you later!! 



After a few weeks of soul searching and thinking hard I've come to the very difficult decision to put Madre Diem on hold for now. This is not something that I want to do, but is something that I have to do. If you've been reading for awhile you may have noticed that I'm a pretty effing busy person - I work full time and mom full time and try to be a good wife and good friend AND try to take care of myself at the same time. I've also mentioned a few times the importance of choosing your battles. Sometimes you just have to let things go. 

With everything that we have going on in life right now with my husband's job keeping him so busy, my job keeping me so busy, 2 kids who are both in potentially challenging phases of their lives, my need to continue with what I need to do to be a great mom/wife/boss/friend, and a huge relocation in less than a month, I've realized that something has to give. As much as I'd love to be able to keep this going, this is the "battle" I'm going to concede at for now. 

The idea for this blog came to me in the shower, at a time when I was really struggling with a lot of things. I was struggling to juggle everything I wanted to accomplish and felt stalled in my career. I needed a creative outlet and this was it. I hope to come back, hopefully sooner than later, but I can't make any promises. 

So before I leave I'd like to leave you with some words of wisdom.  

  • You are capable of so much - please believe in yourself as much as I do. If we're friends in real life, please know that I am one of your biggest cheerleaders! If we're just blog friend, I'm still one of your biggest cheerleaders! 
  • Try to be a bit yourself and to others. Don't assume you know what anyone is going through if you're not them and have some empathy. There will be a time in your life when you will need people to be nice and exhibit empathy towards you - don't wait until that happens to start doing the same for others. 
  • If you want to workout like I do I promise you can. Anyone can. Start small, set small goals, and once you hit them, set new ones.  
  • Dont be the asshole in traffic who waits until the last possible second to merge over. We all hate you.  

Finally, THANK YOU so much for reading and commenting and commiserating and being my friend. If you want to stay in touch, be sure to add me on Instagram or Facebook as I will be updating there often.   



Gotta run - I've got some Diem to Carpe.  

(Leave it to me to have that picture be my "see you later" picture) 

Madre Diem out  

*mic drop*