Trust Your Instincts (with an awesome deal at the end!)

Hel-looooooo friends! It's been so long and I hate that I wasn't able to at least drop in once this week to say hi and let you all know what's going on, but I had some serious mom business to take care of. 

My sweet Princess Jules has been in the hospital since Monday afternoon. If you've been reading regularly then you know that Jules has been sick for a couple of weeks. At first we thought it was hand, foot, and mouth, but then she was diagnosed with croup. Croup sucks, but we've dealt with it once before and we assumed it would be a quick round of steroids, she'd feel crappy for a week, and then be up and running before we could catch our breath. 

On Thursday I noticed she was limping and favoring her left leg. Eventually she stopped walking completely and I knew that wasn't okay and took her to her pediatrician who said it was very likely transient synovitis and not a concern. On Saturday I noticed her ankle was really swollen so we took her to the urgent care where they took x-rays and said nothing was broken and she wasn't acting "sick" so it wasn't an infection and she should be fine in a day or two. By this point my mommy-powers were kicking in and I knew something was wrong, even though everyone else kept insisting she was fine. 

"She got stepped on - it's a hairline fracture"

"Maybe she fell at daycare and has a small toddler fracture"

"It's just transient synovitis and she'll be back to running around by Monday"

Monday morning rolled around and Jules still wasn't herself...

Per our normal routine, I woke up early and was ready to work out - Jules woke up with me and watched an entire movie on the couch, which is not normal for her; she's usually good for 15-45 minutes before she ends up on the floor crawling all over me while I try to finish my workout. On top of not acting like herself, she still wasn't walking and refused to put any weight on her foot or let me touch it. Then I noticed her ankle was discolored and warm to the touch and the warning bells went off in my head. 

Something is wrong here. 

I called her doctor and they got her in immediately that morning - by this point she was running a low-grade fever as well. Her pediatrician became concerned, especially since the fever was a new symptom and referred us to a pediatric orthopedic doctor across town. The orthopedic doctor ordered some additional x-rays and confirmed there weren't any breaks, but she was concerned about the fever and the fact that Julianna's ankle was warm to the touch.

She explained she needed us to go to the hospital and admit Jules so they could do an MRI of her ankle, since she was worried about an infection of the joint at this point and wanted to rule it out. 

Hospitals are not conducive to good pictures - I'm sure you understand.

I'm not going to get into all of the details of the hospital stay - Jules had an MRI which was inconclusive and then ended up having surgery to drain fluid from her ankle to run tests. They did find some significant infectious liquid in Julianna's joint and started her on antibiotics with an official diagnosis of septic arthritis, which is a very scary thing to read about on Google. Luckily the doctor said there shouldn't be any long-term effects or damage because we caught it so early. 

Needless to say, this has been an emotionally exhausting and trying week. Not only was my daughter in the hospital for 3 nights and 4 days, my 13 year old son was on his own for a lot of time 45 minutes across town. We had a cousin who came and stayed with him for two of the nights, but Justin was on his own to get ready for school and make dinner and pick up after himself - my heart and mind were all over the place with my daughter in the hospital and my son at home. I had to hold my daughter down on the table while they placed an IV in her arm multiple times due to the ports closing up and hold her while they put her under anesthesia and then put on my other hat and Facetime Justin to make sure he walked the dog and did his homework. 

We're so lucky to have the friends and family we have - everyone was happy to help us where we needed it and my mom flew down on Wednesday and is staying a week to help us out. Which we especially need considering I haven't slept more than an hour or two consecutively in days and while Justin did a great job being home mostly alone for 4 days, our house has seen better days. My mom is currently cuddling with Jules on the couch so I can get this up for you guys. 

This mom-ing business is hard stuff, but when it comes down to it, trust your instincts and you'll do what you need to do to be a great mom. And after this week I am even more into the mindset of try not to sweat the small stuff. Because let's be real - eating macaroni and cheese for dinner a few times a week or having messy floors all the time isn't really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things (or so I will continue to tell myself).

And even if two doctors tell you everything is fine but your gut feeling is that something is wrong, trust your intuition. If you feel like something is wrong with your child don't stop until you get an answer - your gut knows what's up!

Lastly, toddlers are amazingly hearty people. Jules went almost 18 hours without eating or drinking anything due to her surgery and she was still dancing to Moana songs and playing with toys up until they took her for her surgery. Her ankle had to hurt horribly, but she was still crawling around and playing ball with us in her room while laughing maniacally. And now that we're home, she has started "walking" on her knees to get from place to place while still being able to use her hands because while I'm okay with dirty floors, she's really not and likes to pick things up and throw them away. 

I know if the roles were reversed I would probably be crying on the couch asking for my mommy (and I still may do that because dang has this been trying). 

Now to the deal - while we were in the hospital I got an email from Le Tote with a coupon code for 25% off of your first month. This is a seriously awesome deal and I almost made a post about this alone so you wouldn't miss out, but really couldn't brain the entire time we were there. This deal ends tomorrow, so if you're thinking about joining, now is the time time try it out! 

Go to Le Tote here and fill out your profile. The more items you save and more details you put in your style profile,  the better your totes will be.  The coupon code is MAY25 and it's only good through tomorrow, so don't hesitate if you're thinking about trying it out - again I'm sorry I didn't get it out sooner, but I just couldn't even think about that while we were in the hospital. Give it a shot for a month and see if you like it - like I mentioned in this post, I have been using it for almost 2 years and I love it! Especially since I'm still between sizes (and to be completely honest, probably closer to the bigger size now after stress eating everything while we were in the hospital). 

I'd like to end with a huge thank you to everyone who helped or offered help throughout this week. We appreciate you all so much

I'll hopefully be back for more shenanigans Monday morning - have a great weekend everyone!