Manic Monday Mayhem!

I love alliteration! 

First things was your weekend?! Ours was okay. Jason was working so I hardly saw him at all, but managed to keep myself and the kids busy. We started with pizza and wine on Friday, cleaning, helping a friend move, and a margarita on Saturday, and some running, grocery shopping, and relaxing on Sunday. Oh, and a delicious poke bowl from Big Kahuna's on Sunday afternoon #Ihaveaproblem

Jules loves pizza and her wubbanub!

Today I'm going to review my fitness stuff from last week and maybe rant for a bit about something that's been driving me crazy. Cool?

Sunday = Rest Day

Monday = Chest, Shoulders, Triceps P90X

That is definitely one of the worst pictures I've ever taken of myself. So I decided to put it on the internet. You're welcome. I DARE you to put awful pictures of yourself online for anyone and everyone to look at. IDGAF.

Tuesday - Turbofire & 5 Minute Core on the Floor

I have no clue why I didn't run that morning - my scheduled workout was a run. I had migraines on and off all week last week, so that probably had something to do with it. And I needed new running shoes something fierce, so I probably chose to do a kickboxing workout and save my knees/shins/everything from my old shoes. 

Wednesday - Back & Biceps P90X

You can tell I feel like crap in my before picture - I was still feeling a bit migraine-y and as I mentioned in my blog last week, Jules wasn't sleeping. So I was tired. However the after pictures tell a completely different story...

Ignore the derpy look on my face and just look at how ripped my arms are getting. Some of that is being swole from my workout - yes, that's a real thing and not just something douchebags say - but I'm very happy with how defined my muscles are getting. Now if only I could lose some of my gut, which is not diminishing at all.

*eats chips all weekend and complains about not losing baby belly*

Thursday - 30 minute run

That looks like a mug shot. Right, Jason? You know because you're a cop. ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS?! (Ridiculous shout-out to my husband, ftw)

Side note - I SERIOUSLY need some new workout clothes. 

Friday - Legs & Back

I apparently didn't take a picture on Friday? WTF? Who even am I? The worst blogger ever. 

Moving on.

Saturday - REST DAY

I made this amazing breakfast on Saturday morning - this is an oldie but goodie and it's always a winner for me. Pan-friend potatoes with some bacon thrown in, shredded cheese, 2 over easy eggs #eattheyolk, and avocado. Sooooooooooo good. 

Also, in case you were on the fence about how basic I am I would like to submit additional evidence in the form of my "live, laugh, love" candle holders. The defense rests their case. 

Sunday - RUN DAY. 

Here's what I think Jules is thinking "why are you so disgusting, mommy? please don't kiss me, you're covered in sweat...oh god, she's getting close to my face"

We ran a little under 4 miles with a 9:15 pace. I got distracted for about 10 minutes right at the beginning when I saw this lady walking her Black Russian Terrier and had to stop and talk to her. These dogs are so freaking cool and I want one. Look them up. I also want another black Peekapoo, a black Goldendoodle, a Black newfypoo, and a German Shepherd. So yeah. 

It wasn't the heat that got me during our run on Sunday, but the humidity. MAN it was humid. I had sweat rolling off my face and getting into my eyes and it was disgusting. Did I shower before going to the grocery store? NOPE. Didn't have time and didn't want to wake my husband up since he worked the night before. So I sprayed myself with some body spray and called it a win. 

No make-up, no filter, and after I had cooled down a bit. Still a sweaty, sweaty beast, but my skin looks decent in this picture. I had terrible melasma while pregnant with Jules and still have it any time I get any sun on my face, but it looks like it's mostly gone which makes me super happy! 

I would now like to move on to a rant. And I think some of you will end up surprised by this rant, but I'm going to do it anyway. 

Here are my thoughts on the Unicorn Frappuccino

GENIUS marketing.

Seriously. Whoever thought of this needs to get a raise immediately.

Have I had one and/or am I going to have one?

Absolutely not. But probably not for the reason you think I'm going to say. I don't give a shit about the nutritional content - I just don't like mango and the flavor combination of mango and sour blue sounds gross to me. No thanks. 

I keep seeing all of these posts on social media with people basically shaming anyone who has gotten one of these. Here's just a bit of what I've seen:

"I would never put all of those artificial colors and sweeteners into my body"

"This has as much calories as three Snickers"

"This is why we're all so fat - gross"

You know what I have to say about that? Chill the fuck out. This is meant to be a fun treat. And guess, what? EVERYONE is entitled to have a fun treat sometimes. This is no different than me shoving half a sleeve of Oreos in my face or eating half a bag of life cereal while watching Parenthood on the couch. I think the people who are shaming everyone who has gotten one of these needs to take a step back and maybe reevaluate their eating habits. It's absolutely okay to go out and treat yourself to something delicious every now and then! 

In regards to the above statements I've heard a lot of people saying, here's what I have to say about that:

  • The Unicorn Frap actually has zero artificial colors, which I think is pretty effing cool considering how bright and beautiful they are. The colors you are seeing are from the fruit used in the frap, spirulina (which is actually a superfood), and totally natural fruit/veggie colors (turmeric - which is another superfood - and apple, cherry, radish, and sweet potato). There are "natural and artificial flavors" in the frappuccino mix, but again...chill the crap out. It's not going to kill anyone to have it as a treat/dessert every once in awhile. 
  • The Venti size does have 76 grams of sugar. That's a lot of em effing sugar. Do you know how big a Venti drink from Starbucks is? 24 ounces. That's a HUGE drink and I doubt that many people ordered and finished a Venti Unicorn Frappuccino, especially since I heard they taste like crap. If someone really wanted to try one they could get a Tall, which is 12 oz, 280 calories and 39 grams of sugar. That is still a lot of sugar, but if it's a TREAT who cares? Everyone is entitled to a treat here and there! Are you telling me you never eat dessert? 
  • This is not why we are getting bigger and bigger as a country. I actually think the fake artificial sweeteners that are pumped into a lot of our foods have a lot more to do with it than actual sugar, but I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, so that's just speculation on my part.  

The moral of this rant is this. STOP SHAMING PEOPLE. All that does is make people feel like crap, including you. Seriously - being on a high horse and shaming people for their choices does not actually make you feel good about yourself - look into it; I'm not lying.

Also, stop taking everything you see on the internet as gospel - the people spouting off that this drink is filled with poisonous artificial colors and flavors obviously didn't take 2 seconds to read the actual ingredients list. Facebook and Instagram are not reliable sources of information. #fakenews

Finally, everything is fine in moderation. Even a Unicorn Frappuccino. So please, allow yourself the treat if you really want it and then eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner the rest of the day and you'll be fine, I promise. 

If anyone shames you about it, please send them my way so I can glare at them while shoving Oreos in my face hole. Because I think that would probably make them really uncomfortable and it would be funny AF.

Have you tried the Unicorn Frappuccino? Is it good? I think the flavors just sound nasty, however if they had made it vanilla cupcake flavored or cake batter or something like that I would have been all over it. Probably twice. 

I hope you all have a great Monday!