Mother's Day Gift Ideas - 2017

Happy Friday, from the little snot monster and me!

I can't believe we finally made it. This week has been such a doozy. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I've been fighting a migraine on and off and have been completely exhausted and also a total lunatic (see yesterday's blog for more info on this). It's been so bad that I skipped blogging Tuesday and Wednesday, which I haven't done since starting up this bad boy and hated doing. I really enjoy blogging - it's a creative outlet and it's keeping me sane while Corporate America tries to suck the soul out of me - so for me to skip 2 days meant that I was really feeling like crapola!

Before I jump into the meat of this blog, I'd like to show you how fashionable I am. 

Exhibit A:

I pull my bangs back the second I get home. While I love having bangs partially because they look cute and also because I have a huge 5-head, they drive me absolutely nuts all day long. I'm pretty sure I enjoy pulling my bangs back every evening even more than taking my bra off, which is really saying something.

The reason I'm showing you this picture is because I somehow forgot to pull my hair back while I was changing out of my work clothes last night and I was too lazy to walk back upstairs #befitlikeme. So  I took one of Julianna's hair clips and used that instead - blue flowers to match my blue eyes...

True story: Jules kept pointing at the hair thing all throughout dinner and bath time last night while bitching at me in her baby language. She was not happy to be sharing and I thought it was hilarious. 

Exhibit B

Let's take a moment to really appreciate this sexy outfit last night. Super fuzzy and warm socks with my leggings tucked in. What you don't see is the bleach-dyed black wife beater tank and tie-dyed sweatshirt I was also wearing.

Please don't forget to remind Jason how lucky he is to have this sexy beast for a wife the next time you see him.

Rawr. (that's me being sexy)

Speaking of men being lucky, let's all be totally honest with ourselves and them and the universe and get this out there...

Our men are really lucky to have us. 

And we are some awesome moms! Even if you have a bad day and snap at your kid because they lost your em effing iPhone charger for the 14th time or you decided to finally try CIO because your 15 month old is waking up 45 times a night and she wakes up with bags under her eyes and you're convinced it's because she was crying all night even though you didn't hear a peep from're still an awesome mom. And as such, you deserve to have an awesome Mother's Day and the people who should make sure it happens are our significant other. Let's be real - the kids probably won't remember and if they do, soggy uncooked toast is sweet and all, but hard to gag down. So for those of you reading this who have no clue how they would like to be appreciated or for the dude's reading who have no clue what to do for their wife/baby mama/mommy, I've got you!

Mother's Day - 2016

Mother's Day - 2016

First and foremost, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14.

Add that to your calendar with a reminder right now so you don't forget. 

This is just my humble opinion, but the #1 thing women want on Mother's Day is to have everything planned out, with them in mind, and not having to plan/cook/do anything that they don't personally want to do. Let's say you're broke and/or don't want to spend a ton of money, here's what you can do:

Take the kids in the morning without waking her up or saying anything - this will require you to wake up before the kids do so they don't get her up first, so you may want to set a quiet alarm or even sleep on the couch and give her the entire bed so she can really get some restful sleep. Around 8 or 9, grab the kids and run to her favorite coffee place and get her the drink she always talks about - this will require you to pay attention to her while she's talking for the next couple of weeks if you're not sure what that is, but I promise she talks about it. Make sure you take an insulated travel mug with you so you can get the drink in the mug and keep it warm for her if it's a hot drink. Then go home and clean something random while you wait for her to wake-up - I recommend the refrigerator, pantry, tupperware drawer/cabinet and/or toilets. The things that she usually takes care of herself but hates doing - do it without asking and I promise she will be so excited when she notices. Once she wakes up, don't ask her what she wants for breakfast - just make her something that you know she loves and give her the cards that you and the kids made/bought for her. You do know her favorite breakfast/brunch, right? If not, now's the time to figure it out.

Make sure you and the kids handle clean-up and let her go get ready for the day. Maybe she wants to go for a run or catch another workout somewhere. Tell her to go do it and take the kids to the park or something while she's doing it. Maybe she wants to spend all day hanging out with the family - plan something fun that you know she enjoys; maybe it's a day at the park or the beach, perhaps find a cool hiking trail somewhere or a family-friendly winery. You know your wife and what she likes, so this shouldn't be too hard. The key here is to have it all planned out for her so she doesn't have to worry about it. 

Finally, plan a dinner for her that you and the kids can put together and serve her, along with her favorite drink-of-choice, before telling her to take a nice bubble bath and relax while you and the kids clean up and get ready for bed. If she wants to have some sexy time later on that's fine, but let her initiate and if she doesn't want to don't be offended; mom's are always "on" and rarely get down-time, so she may need to just go to bed after a nice day of being taken care of. 

Now there is a chance that you have no choice in what you can do for Mother's Day because your mom already expects the entire family over for lunch/dinner/all day to celebrate. This is fine - do the things you can in the morning to make her feel special and make sure she gets some down-time after you get back from whatever you have to do. Get her a glass of wine and tell her take a bath or watch her favorite show  - whatever she would like to be doing if she had no responsibilities. Then tell her you have her Mother's Day planned for the next weekend and do whatever she'd like to do for the day then and make sure you handle bath and bedtime so she can really relax. 

This is probably enough to make your wife really happy (I know it would work for me!), however maybe you want to give her something as well. Don't worry, I got that covered. 

This post will include some affiliate links. If you purchase the item through the link provided I will get a very small commission, however this does not change the price of the item. It's just a thank you to me for making the recommendation. 

Mother's Day 2017 Gift Recommendations

Get her a Target gift card with specific directions to spend it on herself. No cleaning supplies or things for anyone else in the family. Then take the kids and tell her to go to Target by herself without a time limit. More than likely she'll spend more than the gift card, but there is something about wandering around Target by myself that is so amazing and fun and everything I see online shows that I'm not the only one who loves it, so I guarantee if she likes Target, she'll like this gift. 

An Initial Necklace - I love these and already have like 3 of them. Something dainty and pretty and simple is the name of the game folks. We're lucky in our family because all of us have "J" names, however there are plenty of options on Amazon and Etsy if you need more than one initial if you're getting it for kid names. Or you could just get her initial to keep things simple. I really like this one if you're going with the one letter:

Or you can go for this one if you have three kids (there are plenty of options for 2 or more if you search around Amazon). 


Another great option for an actual gift is a watch. I love my Michael Kors watch (basic AF and IDGAF). I absolutely love this one on Amazon - Michael Kors AND rose gold. YASS!

Michael Kors makes some pretty quality watches, so it's worth the investment and I promise your wife will be happy with one. I've had my watch for almost 5 years and still get compliments on it all the time.

Some other brands of watches that will make your wife pretty happy are Kate Spade, Coach, and Marc Jacobs. 

You can also always blow your entire food budget for a year and get her a Rolex or something, but that's just dumb (unless you have that kind of dough, in which case congratulations)

Flowers are always nice, but I wouldn't recommend just getting your wife flowers and calling it a day. It's pretty cliché and doesn't really seem like you put a lot of thought into it. Plan out the entire day and let her relax and cater to her every need AND get her flowers and you'll be just fine though. You could also add on some of her favorite wines and some chocolate and you'd win the day for sure!

I know it's not for everyone, but I love a good massage or mani/pedi. Go here and get one at a discount!  Make sure you get at least an hour massage so she's really able to enjoy it and if you can book one that includes wine or something extra special, BONUS POINTS!

Does your wife enjoy working out? Why don't you get her some classes at her favorite gym or something new that she hasn't tried yet? I highly recommend:

  • OrangeTheory - cardio and weights and intervals and everything fun and hard about working out. You can look up if there are any studios in your area here
  • Barre workouts are all the rage and a fantastic workout. There are two primary barre brands that have classes countrywide and you can find out if they are in your area here and here. Barre classes are also really easy to do at home so if you know your wife/baby mama/mom would enjoy the classes, I highly recommend you check out Suzanne Bowen Fitness for a huge selection of classes that can be streamed online. 
  • Yoga is a fun option, but I would only recommend doing this if you know your SO wants to try/do yoga since it's not for everyone. You can usually find some pretty great deals on groupon or by doing a simple google search for a yoga studio in your area. Buy a 5-10 class pass and then plan out when your wife wants to go and take the kids so she doesn't have to worry about finding them care!

A word of caution - only get something fitness and workout-related if it's something your wife really enjoys and it won't offend her. If you have any doubt that she might be offended by this, DON'T DO IT!! 

This is a lot of stuff, but I can promise you with almost 100% certainty that if you just plan the day out with her in mind and let her sleep in, cook and clean up, and let her have a bubble bath, you will have a very successful Mother's Day. 

Don't forget to get the pets involved too...

What do you guys think? Am I crazy, or are these some pretty good ideas? Is there anything you are dying to get for Mother's Day that I forgot to put on the list? 

Also to the dude's reading - I will do one of these for Father's Day too and you better believe I am all about appreciating Jason just as much as he appreciates me. So you'll get yours too!

What are your plans this weekend, anything fun? Jason is working all weekend so it should be fairly low-key, other than when we are helping a friend move for a bit. 

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