Am I a Hypocrite AND a Failure?

Of course not! At least not at my core. However between today and yesterday I am a bit of both and I'm going to tell you why. 

But before I get into that, let's get into some other stuff. 

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Is it 5 yet? 

No make-up, filtered-to-hell, right-outta-the-shower picture for you - Jules says hi!

I ran this morning...that's 3 times this week! I know, I'm just as shocked as you are.

If I were you, I'd be wondering how I'm able to run in the morning on the days my husband is working and doesn't get off until 6:30am. You might be hoping and praying I'm not just leaving my sweet baby in the house and hoping she doesn't wake up or that anything bad happens while I'm outside running in circles until I just can't do it anymore (or don't want to do it anymore...). Or maybe you haven't even thought twice about it. Well I wanted to share how I make this ish work, just in case you were wondering - and if you weren't, now you know anyway.

First and foremost, our neighborhood is literally just a quarter mile loop. I can run that in less than 2 minutes if I really need to. However I still wouldn't feel comfortable leaving Jules alone in her bedroom with me out running around in circles a million times (or at least it feels like a million times). I'm really lucky to have a pretty awesome 13 year old in the house who is willing to be woken up at 5am and shuffle/crawl into our bedroom where he finishes his sleep until I get him up for school around 7. This way he either has the baby monitor to wake him up if Jules is stirring in her bedroom or she's already in our room sleeping in the pack-and-play because she slept like shit (like most nights) and then he can come out and get me. In all of the months we've been doing this, Justin has only had to come out once. Which is totally awesome. 

Justin has been sleeping like that for as long as I can remember. I even have some baby pictures of him sleeping with his arms like that. I wonder if Jules will always sleep like this picture then? Because that would be cute (but ridiculous). 

My run was a decent one, but my GPS app on my phone is off and it's pissing me off. It used to overestimate my runs by like a quarter mile or so which means it would show me running 7 minute miles (not that fast), but now it's underestimating my runs. So it keeps saying I'm running way slower than I am and it drives me nuts! My husband has manually measured our neighborhood with a tape thingy (you know, the things surveyors use) and it is exactly a 1/4 mile so I know the GPS is actually off and I'm not just crazy. 

Nothing better than a sweaty post-run selfie, right? I'm sure there are actually a lot of things better, but whatever. This is my blog and I do what I want :-)

Also, this is probably my favorite part about running/exercising in the morning...

Getting to watch the sun come up. I usually get to see more of it, but I had to be done early today so I could take Justin to school due to him having a detention. For wearing a hat to school. Yep.

How about we do a fitness round-up for the week? I would normally say food too, but I don't really remember everything I ate for dinner this week and don't want to strain my brain trying to figure it out. 

On a sidenote, I fasted twice this week and they were pretty much picture perfect fast days (for me). And guess what happened? I gained almost a pound this week. Guess who's really not that upset about it? ME. And why not? It's about that time of the month (sorry, dudes who are reading) and that always throws my weight all over the place. So I'm not even going to stress about it. 

Back to fitness...before and after picture from this morning (they don't get old to me; I think they're hilarious)

Will I ever look happy in my before workout picture? Stay tuned to find out, but I doubt it. 

My workouts this week, which were kind of all over the place:

  • Sunday = rest day!
  • Monday = Core Synergistics from P90X
  • Tuesday = 2.5 mile run (9:30 pace) and 12 minutes of yoga
  • Wednesday = 2 mile run (9:00 pace) and 21 minutes of yoga
  • Thursday = Core Synergistics but couldn't do the bonus round due to Jules being awake and about the lose her shizz so I only did 53 minutes instead of 57 (no biggie)
  • Friday = 2.5 mile run (9:21 pace)

The plan tomorrow is to run 4 miles or so and then take Sunday off, although we may go hiking on Sunday, which I would call an active rest day instead of just a rest day. This week was the "rest" week from P90X before going into the next cycle of workouts, which I'm really looking forward to starting on Monday, so I don't think having an active rest day is a problem since my workouts all week have been toned down.

Moving you want to know why I'm a hypocrite AND a failure?

First, I didn't do any meditation yesterday so I already failed my challenge - 3 days in. I FORGOT. I made up for it today and did a 10 minute meditation instead of my usual 5, so I'm going to fake like I didn't fail and it's okay. Don't judge. 

Finally, I am for sure a hypocrite. Remember when I posted a picture of someone else's shitty parking job and made fun of them and was like, how hard is it to park in between the lines or fix your parking job if you don't?

Here I am eating crow...

Because I parked like this at Starbucks...

And that's actually the second time this week I parked like an asshole and didn't realize it until afterward. 

I actually made fun of someone (in my head) because she tried to park next to me earlier this week when I parked like crap and ended up backing in and out like 4 times to make her car fit. To be fair there were a ton of other spots and she just wanted to be close to the door so she could have parked in a lot of other spots . However once I got out of my car and saw how crappy my parking job was - and it was way worse that the picture above - I felt like a real jerk. And a hypocrite. 

So raise your hand if you're a hypocrite!

Because I sure am!

That's all I have for today. Do you have anything fun planned this weekend for the holiday? Jason is working all day/night tomorrow so we'll be taking it easy and doing some more spring cleaning and errand running tomorrow before getting in some serious family time on Sunday. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had just ranted and raved about something only to do it yourself? Tell me about it and reassure me I'm not the only one!

Have a great weekend!