What it is Wednesday!


Sorry to yell at you, but this has been a beast of a week so far and I've been yelling at everyone and didn't want you to feel left out. I don't know if it's the full moon or what, but Jules isn't sleeping and I'm a cranky beyotch. Which is a really bad combination.

But I'm going to make it through this week and the weekend will be glorious! Jason is off and we don't have a ton planned, so it should be a nice, semi-relaxing weekend that I'll probably turn into a hectic cluster-fuck by cleaning too much and trying to do too many things. Yep, I just dropped an f-bomb; that's the week I'm having.

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Since this week is making me want to tear my hair out I thought I'd stick to something relatively light and easy and bring back another edition of What it is Wednesday! This is where I talk about the things that I'm digging so far this week. Which is actually a lot of stuff, even with how cranky I am. 

Quick mediation challenge update - I did my meditation this morning. Yay! It didn't chill me out at all, but I'm sure it did something beneficial, right?

Moving on.

Guys, I ran in shorts today. I only ran 1.75 miles because that's all I had time for after Jules woke up at 5:10 and I had to take about 25 minutes to get her back to sleep. And the shorts did drive me nutso, but I did it anyway - maybe the riding up of my shorts is part of why I'm so cranky? I really hate when things annoy me during a run - like it makes me super angry. Like the Hulk...I want to literally rip off the offending clothing/headphones/hair thing and yell at it. Like a normal, responsible adult.

You know what though? While I was running I thought back to when I used to run in shorts a couple of years ago and I remember them driving me crazy most of the time then too. And while I used to have issues with chub rub I didn't experience any of that this morning. It was more just me being annoyed with having to adjust them. So maybe I just need to deal with and stop complaining about stupid crap? But then what would I have to talk about...see, I'm cranky!!

madrediem cabinet baby

Another thing that was driving me crazy this morning that is also simultaneously adorable, was Jules pulling all of our food containers out of the cupboard. We have locks on all of the cupboards except the one with the food containers, because I was like "no, Jason...let's leave that one open so she can play in it". Sorry for doubting you, husband. You were right, I was wrong. And I have admitted it on the internet so you can rub it in my face. You might want to screenshot this and save it for later.

This picture is from Monday evening, but it's pretty much the same situation. All storage stuff on the ground, baby in the cupboard looking all satisfied and mischievous, and exasperated mommy. 

Another super cute kid-thing that I am all about this week, is these two kids and how much they love each other. I talk more about my gap kids here, but they make my heart so happy. 

I'll just leave this here for you to "awwwwww"

And then I'll put this here so you can laugh...

Yep. He's ridiculous. 

Speaking of being ridiculous, Justin and I were involved in some shenanigans last night. He had forgotten to eat a hard-boiled egg that was left in the sink for breakfast and I called him out on it when I got home. Justin grabbed the egg and squeezed the crap out of it to try to break it and said "I had heard that you can't break an egg like that"...so I took that as a challenge and decided to try to squeeze it and break it myself. 

"here, hold my beer"

I wasn't actually holding a beer, but that's the kind of ridiculous situation we're dealing with here. I squeezed the shit out of that egg and it exploded in my hand and went everywhere. This egg was a beautifully prepared soft-boiled egg, so the yolk really flew. It ended up all over the counters, cupboards, and floor, and I made Justin clean it up since he dared me and it was his fault #momlikeme

I am also all about kids doing their chores. 

When we got home from work I made Jules walk the dog...haha, made; that's funny. If I don't let Jules walk the dog she loses her shit and throws herself on the ground. The terrible, almost 15 months is a thing, right? 

I also had to make Justin take the recycling out because he forgot. Again. I would have him set a reminder on his phone, but he keeps getting in trouble and losing his phone. So I'm thinking I may need to resort to waterboarding. Just kidding...there's nothing funny about torture. 

Jules is currently insisting on using utensils and eating from bowls. Which is super messy, but the adorableness makes up for it...mostly.

She just stabs the crap out of the food in her bowl until she spears something and proudly shoves it in her face-hole. Which is pretty much how I eat too!

I LOVE this stuff. No, it is not ice cream. The texture is not like ice cream and if I really want ice cream, imma get REAL ice cream, kay? But it's a pretty good substitute when you're trying to watch what you eat and not eat so much crap all the time. Especially on a fasting day; I was fasting yesterday and need to eat something sweet in a seriously fierce way. So I had a few (or 10...maybe 15) small spoonfuls of this stuff and I felt satisfied-ish. Didn't need to shove any chocolate or Life cereal in my face later on, which is usually what I would do when I'm hit with the sweets craving as hard as I was yesterday. These are kind of expensive (I think like $5 at Publix, but cheaper at Walmart if you can find them), but I think they're worth it.

Introducing...two of the worst pictures I've ever taken of myself! Why am I showing you these? To show you another thing I'm all about all the time, which is multi-tasking!

I'm not the only one who multi-tasks all the time, right?

"They" say that multi-tasking takes away from the effectiveness of whatever you're doing, but I have no choice so "they" can suck it. 

Just in case you're wondering why I'm making that face in the picture on the right, Jules is pulling my hair maliciously while looking all cute and innocent. I've got your number, little baby. 

I've mentioned this before, but this place has the best poke bowls other than the bowls you get in Hawaii and I had to mention it again to make sure you know I'm not messing around. I'm not even ashamed to admit I went there twice this weekend. Well kind of ashamed. But not ashamed enough not to admit it. So there. 

If you're ever in the Orlando area I highly recommend you stop by Big Kahuna and get a poke bowl. Then you can hit me up here and let me know how awesome it was and thank me for the recommendation!

I also mentioned having Apothic Rose and didn't really go into it at all. I found it at Publix. It was $10. I would buy it again. 

End of that story. 

Just kidding, there's more. I don't actually have a lot of experience with rose since I usually drink reds (red blends and Pinot Noir), but I really enjoyed this. It was easy to drink and didn't have the bite I've experienced with other rose's that I've tried. Some of the reviews I've read on the 'gram state that people don't like this year's batch, but I really like it. So if you trust me, try it. If you don't trust me, why are you reading this??

So what are you all about right now? 

Also, please tell me you have some wine recommendations for me. Oh, cider too...I love cider right now! Are you being affected by the full moon like I am? Maybe I'm a werewolf!!! 

I hope you have a great Wednesday!