What It is Wednesday - Part Deux

It's Wednesday! If you round it up, we're over halfway done with the week! Woohoo!

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Today I'm doing another round of What It is Wednesday since I really enjoyed the last round. This is basically everything that I'm really enjoying right now, including food, funny crap my kids do, what I'm wearing, entertainment, etc. 

First, I was able to workout today! And I didn't feel worse afterwards! WIN! I haven't been able to workout since Sunday and I felt terrible after that workout which never happens. So I knew I needed to take a few days off to allow my body to get better from this dumb flu. I took the time off and now I'm getting better - imagine that!

And look, my picture isn't terrible #thankyouprettyfilter

I love Snapchat & filters

I'm in my second to last week of Chalean Extreme and then I have to figure out my next plan. I'll have 13 weeks exactly from when I finish to when I go on vacation to Illinois for my cousin's wedding, so I'm going to put together a 13 week training plan that will likely incorporate P90X (the original version), running, pilates, some HIIT, some yoga, and maybe some barre this round too. I love barre workouts because they help to strengthen all of your supportive muscles, which reduces injuries. It's also great for flexibility, which is something I really struggle with. Meaning I'm super not bendy. 

I came across this picture today and forgot how much I love it. Jax has the best RBF (resting bitch face) I've ever seen. And the side-eye? WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL DOES THAT?!?! Someone please turn this into a meme for me!

Waffles on Sunday that Jules completely wolfed down. Which is awesome because Jules doesn't usually eat much for breakfast. This is the recipe I use and I've made them probably a hundred times and they always turn out amazing. If you want to make them healthier you can substitute organic virgin coconut oil for the vegetable oil and use half whole wheat flour and half regular flour. Let me know if you give them a try!

Onto another Jules picture, I'm all about Jules taking her socks off and making her own sock puppets yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work. She was watching Moana (of course) and would take the sock off her hand, then put it back on and move her hands to make it "talk" to the screen. So cute!

Also, pigtails are life. 

Thanks to Snapchat for the amazingly appropriate filter to show how I felt on the inside after watching the last episode of This is Us (not this week's, but the episode prior - I haven't watched this week's episode yet and if you tell me what happens we will be officially fighting). If you're not watching This is Us, START WATCHING IT! This is seriously the best show ever and I don't even care that it makes me blubber like a toddler who got a super cool, but dangerous item that will probably kill them taken from them and their world is ending. Which happens on the regular over in my hood. 

Taco Tuesday is life!

Do you notice a trend here? Lots of things are LIFE right now. 

We have Taco Tuesday almost every week (not always on a Tuesday, but alliterations are better). It's super easy, Justin knows how to make it, the leftovers are bomb, and it's relatively healthy. Oh, and the kids both love it. WIN!!

Annie's macaroni and cheese is also life. 

We started getting two different kinds in our Amazon subscribe & save and it's a huge savings off of what you pay in the store. I love mac & cheese and haven't been able to eat Kraft since I've started eating Annie's. The flavor is so much better. Justin cons me into getting the Kraft brand here and there and all I taste is salt when I eat it. Salt and yellow. Yellow, salty pasta. Grossssss!!

blog 3.jpg

I took this picture Saturday after trying to fake like I was feeling okay and going to work in the morning, out to lunch and to the park. Then I came home and collapsed with this little lady. First, how is she sleeping with her arm like that? It looks like she's about to tell me whatfor. Second, I took a nap. Why don't I take naps more often? I mean, I don't have time and always have a million things to do so that's probably why I don't do it unless I'm sick (definitely for sure why I don't). However I really wish I could make more time to nap, especially when a little peanut is cuddling with me. When you look at the grand scheme of things, I won't have these moments for that long and I know that not taking more time to cuddle and nap with my smelly, sticky kids will be something I'll wish I'd done more of. So it's going to happen. Once I get all of this crap done...just kidding. I'll really try to do it more. 

Friday Family Movie Night

We're bringing it back. This used to be something we'd do almost every Friday as a family. We take turns picking a movie and then it's a no cell phone zone while the movie is playing. We'll usually eat pizza, popcorn, candy, and have some soda (wine for me, let's be real here). I really miss having those disconnected-from-the-world hours with my family, so being the matriarch, I have ordered it to come back this week. Jason is working, so that means we can watch a rom com, dumb comedy, or cartoon without complaints...so I'm thinking we'll probably watch Moana. I keed, I keed. We'll watch something else, I swear!

I'm wearing red today - it's just a little, but I don't own anything red - and I hope you're wearing red too. Equal rights for women (well, for everyone) is something I've always thought we needed but now that I have a daughter of my own, is something I'm passionate about.

And last but certainly not least...

Apothic Rose

I love wine. So much wine. Actually, not too much wine because any more than 2 glasses and I feel it the next day #thankyouthirties. Apothic makes some of my favorite wines. The Apothic Red and Apothic Dark are two of my favorite wines. Oh and they had this limited edition Apothic Inferno earlier this year that was amazing. Seriously one of my favorite wines ever. Well now they're rolling out with a limited edition Rose and even though I don't really like Rose, I'm going to have to get it and try it. And I'll probably figure out I love it after the stores all stop carrying it so I won't be able to find it anywhere and I'll be so sad (this may have happened with the Inferno). So if any of my Central Florida peeps find the Apothic Rose anywhere please let me know so I can pick some up!!

One final pretty baby picture for good measure. 

That's it for today. I hope you all are having a wonderful week and if you're not, attitude is 90% of the battle so fake it until you make it. I was in a crap mood this morning on the way to work but then I listened to a super cheesy 80's song I love (Break my Stride, by Matthew Wilder) and it pepped me up and now I'm having a decent day. 

Do you have any songs that always work to pep you up when you're feeling like you want to go ape on everyone? How about any favorite wines? Red blends are my jam. And not just because they're red like jam; I just really like them.