Monday Mania

Happy Monday, friends!

75% of our house has been fighting a stomach bug since Friday which has been less than fun, to say the least. Jason's friend was in town and we weren't a very fun bunch to be around, but we managed to get out for a little bit on Saturday and catch some lunch and hit up the park before we went back home and all fell asleep for several hours. You know it's serious when I take a nap!

Here, Jules is explaining our options for starters, drinks, and specials. She's a magnificent server.

Typical picture of Justin whenever we go out to eat or do anything #teenager

He is an awesome big brother though and I love seeing how much he adores Jules. 

And these two also make me super happy. This is right before Justin got knocked over by the swing, which I put a video of on my Facebook page. That was a completely accidental incident and it was so funny. To everyone but Jules. She was just like, why's everyone laughing and not swinging anymore?

Today I wanted to briefly describe my current exercise routine/schedule. 

Before I start I need to again stress that I am not a physical trainer or nutritionist and I am in no way qualified to give anyone any advice. This is just what works for me right now. If you're thinking of starting a new program be sure to discuss with your doctor first to make sure you're in good enough physical condition. 

I am currently doing a program that includes Chalean Extreme, which is a Beachbody program, running or sometimes kickboxing when I don't feel like running, pilates, HIIT, and some yoga. 

Here's my current plan and schedule. 

Here's my current plan and schedule. 

As you can see, I originally planned on running a 15K in April, but I've since decided that's crazy. So I'm just using the plan to keep me motivated and on a schedule. I've missed very few workouts, simply because I just love working out. I am missing my workout today because i'm sick, which I hate. But it's better to miss a day or two and get better than make things work because you're stubborn and need those endorphins. Even though I rarely miss a workout I have substituted a workout several times, especially recently when it's 5:30 in the morning and I just don't feel like running. When that's the case, I will usually substitute a kickboxing workout since I get a similar calorie burn with kickboxing as I do with running. 

Here's what I use for equipment:

My selecttech weights that Jason got me for Christmas in 2015. These are huge and can sometimes feel a bit awkward since I'm pretty petite in size, BUT I love that I have a huge array of weights that I can use all in once place. I believe they go from 7.5-52.5 pounds EACH, which means I have a lot of weight I can be throwing around if I want!

Then I also have this bin filled with some 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, 45lb (Jason's), and some toning bands and other random crap that I use. With all of this, I really don't ever find that I need any other weight sizes. The selecttech weights are a big investment, but if you're serious about working out at home and lifting heavy (which I highly recommend), they're worth it! 

I'll be starting a new program at the beginning of April - I'm thinking about doing a running and P90x hybrid program, since I'm loving lifting weights right now. 

Does anyone have anything fun planned for fitness right now? Anyone else feel like they're dying from a stomach bug?