What it is Wednesday - Part 3

We made it to the halfway point, my friends! Doesn't it feel good? Or do you just feel completely wiped out like me? 

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It's time for another round of What it is Wednesday, where I talk about anything of note that I feel should be mentioned - good and bad. Today's post will be more picture-heavy and less word -heavy than past posts because I'm dealing with some personal stuff that I will talk about later on and I'm feeling off today. 

These two seriously make my heart so happy. As I mentioned in a prior post, I was really worried that they might not have much of a bond due to their age difference, but Justin is such an awesome big brother and Jules simply adores him. 

This breakfast that I had on Saturday morning after my run was so amazing. It's a flour tortilla #gluten, 2 eggs scrambled in a little butter with 2 slices of Applegate Farms turkey bacon, a handful of monterey jack cheese, half an avocado, and some spicy salsa. Served with some french press coffee with half&half and sugar.

I don't do low-fat and I don't do fake sugar.

This was seriously so amazing and I hope to eat it again soon. 

Can we also take a moment to appreciate my amazing photography skills? 

Just kidding...I know I need to work on that but first I need to work on taking more pictures since I never seem to have the pictures I want to talk about what I want to talk about. 

Speaking of food...

I was finally able to go to the new poke place in town on Sunday and it was worth the wait. So. Good. I have no clue what's in that bowl since I went a little crazy, but it's a lot and it was the best one I've had since Hawaii and it was cheaper than where I usually go. If you're ever in Orlando go to Big Kahuna's. 

Does anyone else think my arms look huge compared to my head in the picture on the right? I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger about to crush that bowl like a tiny little ant. #swole

I bought this onesie at some point during our girl's night out last weekend and forgot about it until I received the shipping notification.

I have zero regrets.


I hope you all have watched the above creepy animation guy's video that's been on Facebook all week and if you haven't, look it up. It's amazing. Then scare all of your friends with snaps using his face. Just make sure you listen to the entire video with sound since it really gives you the full experience. 

This was me before and during my workout on Monday morning. I had to go into work early and this required me to wake up at 4:45 to get my workout in. Hence me looking even worse than usual in my before picture. But I was pretty happy during my workout and even had to get a selfie with the man himself, Tony Horton. I know some people who do these workouts can't stand him because he talks and jokes around the entire time, but I love it!

Speaking of knowing famous people...

You may not know this about me, but I'm pretty much friends with The Rock. He, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart were in Hawaii filming Jumanji 2 at the same time as us AND they were in the same jungle, probably less than a 1/4 mile from us while we were hiking one day. 

Yes, we may have tried to do some stalking and find him, but it was impossible to track him down. Which made me sad. But since we were in such close proximity to each other, I have decided that makes us friends. So I'm friends with The Rock. Don't be jealous. 

At one point we were driving from going snorkeling and drove past Turtle Bay, which is a pretty common place for movies to be filmed in Hawaii and we saw the sign in the picture. After seeing it a couple more times we realized that it was code for where they were filming that day. 


The toddler tantrums are real and constant in our house right now. As I've mentioned in the past, I'm pretty sure Jules is already going into her Terrible Two's, and since she's only 14 months old, this means she's super advanced for her age. So I'm going to go online and brag about it and make other mom's feel bad that their kid's aren't already being assholes at 14 months.

Or don't take half of what I say seriously because what the crap? Where did my sweet baby go and can I have her back? I'm sooooo not ready for the constant tantrums. She even tried to smack my face while pissed off the other day! WTactualF?

Now onto the sad stuff...

My cat is sick and I don't know what's wrong with him. We actually have 2 cats, but this is my OG cat that I got 8 years ago to keep my dog Sebastian company. Scooby is such a cool cat - seriously. First off, his name is Scooby Doo, so he had to be super cool and he has certainly lived up to that expectation. He is more like a dog than a cat, he's super affectionate and vocal, sleeps on or around my head every night, and loves me unconditionally. Except for when he wants me to stop petting him; then he tries to kill me. Just like my dog, Scooby has been around for a lot of crazy life stuff and never hates me or judges me for anything other than leaving his food bowl empty.

I'm terrified that something bad is wrong with him, so please say some prayers or send me some happy thoughts if you don't pray. 

I'll be heading to the vet after work to find out what's wrong with him, and then I hope I get to take him home and it's not anything serious. So think happy thoughts. 

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