Quick & Easy Weeknight Dinners

Hello, friends! For the first time ever, this will not be a picture heavy post, because I apparently don't ever take pictures of my dinner - again #iamtheworstbloggerever

Look at me, I worked out this morning. Not even just a normal workout but I ran this morning, which anyone who has read my blog semi-regularly will know I've been struggling with recently. I just don't have the motivation to run right now - every other workout is fine and dandy, but running is dumb. But I did it! I even kind of enjoyed it when I wasn't hating it! I also did Ab Ripper X, which is the hardest ab workout of all time. Go me!

Today I am going to post some of my favorite weeknight dinner recipes. Some of them are actual recipes and some of them are things I just came up with that happen to work. I'm not going to include calorie counts, since I honestly don't count my calories, but if you really want to know what the calories are in a recipe you can go to myfitnesspal and input the information there. To add the information you will click on food --> recipes --> and then input the recipe information or URL. When you do the method where it pulls the information for the recipe from the URL, you do sometimes have to change out the ingredients because it will pull over wacky things that don't make sense. So make sure you review what gets pulled over. And also be honest with yourself on how much a serving size should be since I know I usually eat 1.5-2 servings of anything I make #keepingitreal

Now when I am planning our meals for the week I typically look for two things - they need to be healthy to semi-healthyish and they need to be quick. 

I'm talking food is ready in 30 minutes or less quick

There was a period of time where I would Google and/or Pinterest easy meal ideas/meal plans but those recipes always ended up being way more complicated that I like during the week. When I say quick and easy I mean minimal ingredients and as little prep time as possible.

So without further adieu, here are the most used quick and easy weeknight dinners in my rotation.


We have some variation of tacos at least once a week. We will usually make 2-3 pounds of the meat and then have leftover tacos another night that week and sometimes Jason and/or I will eat the meat for lunch as well (with cheese, veggies, and rice or potatoes, for the win). 

I like to use ground turkey for the meat - I think it's tastes better than beef and it is lower calorie/fat. This way I can add a ton of avocado, cheese, and sour cream and not feel like I'm gaining 2 pounds from one meal. I don't like to use the seasoning you get in a packet since it has tons of added crap on top of the spices, so I use this recipe. It's super easy and you can make it in bulk if you want to have extra on hand! 

I typically pick up some crunchy shells, sour cream, fiesta blend cheese, avocado, and tomatoes and we all chow down. This is Jules and Justin's favorite meal and bonus - Justin can make it so I don't have to!

We've also recently started eating fish tacos, which we all are seriously loving as well. We use tilapia (dirty fish, but cheap) or cod, use the same seasoning and toppings, and then make this sauce for the top. Oh and we use soft shells for the fish tacos because we all like soft better for fish. YUM!



Air-fried chicken breast/thighs/drumsticks

Guys, do you have an air fryer? If not, you need to get one. This thing has changed the way we make dinner and made our lives so much easier. Living in Florida, it gets super hot. And we don't leave the air down except at night, so turning the oven on at all makes the house so much hotter. Not only does the air fryer make it so we don't have to turn the oven on, but it also makes our food taste so much better.

My favorite thing to do during the week is to take the chicken breast/thigh/drumstick, lightly brush on some mayo, dip in seasoned panko breadcrumbs and throw in the air fryer at 380-ish for 25 minutes or until the chicken reaches an internal temp of 165. We usually serve with rice or macaroni and cheese (Annie's that I buy in bulk here) and usually broccoli or normandy mix veggies. Super easy, fairly healthy, and delicious. 

Chicken sausage

I love chicken sausage and usually eat it several times a week for lunch and/or dinner. I will usually pan fry 1-1.5 links and serve with rice, broccoli or asparagus, and Trader Joe's sauerkraut on the side. The sauerkraut is key. 

If you are thinking about doing this, I highly recommend you get chicken sausage that doesn't have nitrates or nasty fillers. Aldi's, Walmart, and Trader Joe's all have an awesome selection that are priced really well and taste delicious. My personal favorites right now are the Chipotle chicken sausage from Aldi's and Garlic chicken sausage from Trader Joe's. Yum yum in my tum tum. 

Spicy chicken thighs 

Chicken thighs are my favorite cut of chicken since the flavor and texture are way better than chicken boobs (in my opinion). I will often melt some butter (3 tablespoons or so), use an equal amount of Frank's hot sauce, add a ton of minced garlic (like 2-3 heaping tablespoons), mix together and dump over some chicken thighs, and then bake at 425 for about 20 minutes or until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165. 

I will usually serve with rice or macaroni and cheese, broccoli or mixed veggies, and sauerkraut. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (which movie is that from?!). 

And when I'm super lazy...

I make my son throw some chicken nuggets in the air fryer and we eat them with macaroni and cheese and a veggie of some sort. This usually happens every 1 or 2 weeks when I just cannot even that night and it gets the job done.

Do any of you have any quick and easy weeknight dinners I can add to my rotation? Quick and easy are the key words there...being somewhat healthy-ish is a bonus!

I would like to conclude by making an announcement.

Jules is... 

apparently entering her terrible 2's. What the crap?

Blog 3.jpg

I don't remember what she was screaming about in the above picture, but I'm pretty sure it was something ridiculous. Like she couldn't get the finger puppet to stay on her finger. Or I took my cell phone from her. Or she didn't like that we wouldn't let her roam the downstairs freely with a sword or throwing stars or something like that.

I did manage to get her to calm down and color for a bit before she lost her shit again when she didn't like dinner. #weareinsomuchtrouble



I hope you all have a great day!

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