Confession Time

This is the face of a hypocritical bastard...

No makeup, minimum filter, and I'm pretty sure I didn't even brush my hair.  #workingonsaturday

You know what else I didn't do? I didn't run last night *insert sad face here*

I ended up having to work until 6 and by the time I got home I had a raging headache and just couldn't do it. Womp womp. Sometimes life gets in the way and you know what, that's okay. 

Today is supposed to be my last day of my Chalean Extreme/running hybrid and I took my measurements, but couldn't weigh myself because the batteries in my scale are dead. My measurements changed for the most part, except my butt is the exact same size, however my pictures look quite different, in a good way. And no, I will not be posting my pictures; I'm in my sports bra and it's not a pretty sight. As noted above my scale is dead today so I couldn't weigh myself, but I'm guessing my overall weight loss from the program was 4 pounds.

Am I thrilled with my results? 

Nope. But I am happy with them. And when I look back over the past 3 months and think about how much I have eaten/drank and haven't really watched anything that's gone into my mouth for the most part, I am not surprised that I didn't have better results. I have been eating and drinking pretty much whatever I want! So the lesson I have learned here is:

  • Diet is still 90% of the formula for success with weight loss and if I really want to see some results, I have to clean up my diet
  • The number on the scale still doesn't show much of anything
  • Even measurements can lie, since some of my measurements were not drastically different, but I can really see a difference in my progress pictures, so make sure you take pictures from the front, back, right, and left whenever you start a new program

I will complete my final workout this morning and then tomorrow is a rest day before I wake up on Monday morning and completely destroy my upper body with my first P90X workout. I am going to get more strict on my diet and see what kind of results I can get when I really apply myself. And I will take some progress pictures that I am okay-ish being on the internet (probably in my swimsuit - yikes). 

I will leave you today with a Jules picture. This is from last night where she was signing to me that she wants more food. I love her daycare for teaching her to sign, since it makes it so much easier when she wants food. She just signs "more" and I give her more. Makes this working mom's life just that much easier. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday with a post about raising Gap kids. What does that mean? Stay tuned to find out!