Fri - Yay!!

Friday is my favorite! I know a lot of people say the weekends themselves are their favorite, but I really love Friday the best. It's the final day of the work week and everyone is in a great mood. I'm usually extremely busy all day long so the day flies by. And before I know it, I'm home in my pajamas with a glass of wine, watching something awful on the television or forcing my family to participate in family movie night. 

I thought for today I would talk about the things that are making me go YAYYYYY right now. 


Are you wearing green today? If not, I have just pinched you via the interwebs. 

We put together a little St. Patrick's Day celebration at work today, with one of the treats being Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats. Do you like Lucky Charms? If so, I highly recommend making these. I basically just made Rice Krispie treats but subbed Lucky Charms. 

I love St. Patrick's Day and can usually be found running a race and going out to a parade and drinking beer the day of and weekend around the holiday, but I've gotten out of the habit in the past couple of years. Why?!? It might be because it's usually hot as a mother in Florida in March and I am just over running by this point of the year, but that's not a good excuse. I love running and I love beer and a lot of people celebrate today with both - next year I'm definitely running a race and going to a parade. You hear me, universe?!

In the meantime, how about some St. Patrick's Day flashbacks...

So while I'll be home drinking wine and being lazy, please go out and have several beers for me on this glorious day of green. If you're staying in but want to eat some delicious corned beef and cabbage, here's the recipe I use. It is really good and super easy because you just do a quick chop of the veggies and then throw everything in the crockpot. I think I'll probably be making it on Sunday (since it's too late for me to make it today, womp womp). 

Another thing that's making me say YAYYYYYYYYYY today? This snapchat filter. I'm not the only one, right? It makes me want to go goth, get lip implants, and pierce my septum. 

Below you will find three articles I have read and loved this week and one that popped up in my memories on Facebook that I'd forgotten about, but is one of my favorite things of all time.

I hope that the way I've lived my life and my influence will show my daughter that she doesn't need anyone to be awesome. Don't wait for Prince Charming to come along and rescue you - you have to rescue yourself!

This article explains how I feel to a "T". I know a lot of women are like, "ohhhh I love my tiger stripes because I earned them and I'm a mom-tiger and blah, blah, blah". Fuck that. I hate my stomach and the way it looks/feels/makes me feel. It's super flabby and floppy and I legit have a strange bulge in my jeans/swimsuit just like the article discusses. I really hope to be able to get a tummy tuck one day (soon, while I'm still somewhat hot).

I fully intend on doing this with Justin and recommend you read it if you have a child that's pre-teen/teen aged.

Last but  not least, I love this comic so much. Please take time and read the entire thing, even if you aren't a runner; this way you'll understand why we're all so crazy. Shoot, it may even motivate you to become a runner yourself!


Blog SPD.jpg

So remember that one time I wrote a blog all about how to stay motivated? Well I have slept through my alarm clock 3 freaking times this week. THREE TIMES!! What the crap is that all about? Who writes a blog post about being motivated and then can't wake up to work out? I actually woke up at 6:50 this morning to my husband asking me whether I was going to work today since I am usually up, worked out, and in the shower by 6:40...OOPS! I guess I'm taking my final point in that blog seriously and listening to my body? Either way, I have to go for a run after work today and that's lame. So. Not. Cool.

So YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for me being a hypocritical, lazy bastard!! Let's fake like I took this picture this morning since I'm pretty sure it's from yesterday. 

However I guess by being motivated enough to know that I have to go run after work, I am actually being motivated and therefore I am epitomizing my entire blog post? Maybe? The only reason I'm forcing myself to do the run is because it's my last week on this workout plan and I would like to see some decent results when I measure and take pictures tomorrow so I'm forcing myself to run. 


That's all I have for today. Please tell me some of you have something epic planned today/this weekend for St. Patrick's Day. Let me live vicariously through you!! That being said, I am going out tomorrow for a GNO (girl's night out, if you're not in the know) and we're going to get crunk, so I can't complain. It's just not for St. Patrick's Day directly. And so I complain. 

Fill me in on your plans! Is there anything that's making you go YAYYYYYYY today?