Wino Wednesday

It's officially hump day!

Now we're on that downhill slide to Friday and then finally the weekend! Woohoo!

Today I thought it was time for all of us to have a wine date. I love wine, you probably love wine and if you don't love wine let's pretend I just made you a french press coffee instead.

So pull up a chair and let's chat, shall we?


If we were sitting down together I'd probably start by asking you how you're doing and how your week has been. This hasn't been the best week for me, but I'm hanging in there. Whenever I'm going through times where I'm not feeling as positive as usual I tend to make changes - this week that resulted in my cutting my bangs, which is okay because I like them! 

I would also probably complain about how I haven't been sleeping very well at all this week (curse you, daylight savings time!!), which means I've been super tired and having a hard time waking up in the morning to workout. I'm not even kidding around guys, yesterday I didn't even wake up at all leading to me having to workout at night, which I loathe. I can't believe I used to workout every day after work...that is just crazy! Here's the before and after of my workout last night...

So yes, I hate working out in the afternoon/evening, but it was totally worth it. 

Next I would probably start talking about being hungry and break out some of my new favorite chips. Dude, I just discovered Aldi's and let me tell you, they have some good food. Our favorite foods so far include chicken fries, chicken sausage, and these chips...I'm not the only asshole who picks out all of the taro chips before anyone else can get them, right? 

These chips are basically a way cheaper version of the Terra Exotic Vegetable chips as they're at least half the price. They are so so so good and we all love them. Jules broke into the pantry the other day and came out covered in red drool from eating whatever the red chips are - I believe they're just regular chips dyed with beet juice. She looked like a little vampire, but I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of her because I was on my "b" game that day or something. Lame. 

While we were having our wine date I'd probably tell you about how frustrated I was on Saturday while trying to get a blog post up. I originally thought it was my computer, but when I switched to my husband's computer on Sunday I kept having the same problems. So now I wonder if it was an issue with squarespace. Either way, it took me over 24 hours to get a blog post up. The post I was working on was extremely picture heavy and in order to upload and edit the pictures I had to do them one at a time, jump out of squarespace, and then log back in for the next one. Not. Fun. I did enjoy blogging while eating my tarte pizza thing from Trader Joe's, catching up on The Vampire Diaries, and having a glass of wine though. 

Then I'd ask you whether you did anything exciting this weekend?

By this point, I'd probably be ready to pour my next glass of wine - don't forget, if you leave a little in your glass and just top it off, it's still your first glass! #lifehacksbyjamie

Then I would probably start laughing about how ridiculous my kids are. 

First example:

Blog 2.jpg

This little lady never wears a shirt while eating (if I can help it). It keeps down on laundry and stains and I'm all about working smarter, not harder. 

Then I'd go on to talk about how much I enjoy Justin and I's shenanigans. 

We're always doing something ridiculous. 

(I don't know why he grabbed a 6-pack of Strongbow - weirdo).

As we continued our wine date on this Wino Wednesday I'd probably mention how excited I am to go to Disney on Monday. Yes, I know it's Spring Break and it's going to be a madhouse. That's okay. We have free tickets and we've been there a lot, so it's more about the experience than getting on all of the rides. My dad and his girlfriend are coming as well and we're planning on hitting up Hollywood Studios in the morning and then the Magic Kingdom for the second half of the day. We used to have season passes and would go at least twice a month (except during the summer, because that's just dumb and hot). 

As you can see, Justin and I ham it up or goof off in every single picture except for the last one. This is because we get a score on the Buzz Lightyear ride and we are super competitive. We have fast passes for that ride on Monday and you better believe it's going down!!!

blog 1.jpg

At this point I'd probably decide to complain about something, since I do enjoy complaining here and there, and I have the feeling I'd probably decide to complain about the fact that I still haven't been able to find the Apotic Rose anywhere *insert sad face here*. 

But then I'd probably make it a point to talk about how excited I am about our stash of Last Snow. For those of you who don't know, Last Snow is a limited release beer put out by a Florida brewery called Funky Buddha. They only release it in Florida for a very short period of time and most places put a limit on how many you can buy (usually 1 at a time), so you have to grab them up while you can. Last Snow is a coconut and coffee porter that is very easy to drink and delicious. I highly recommend you pick up a bottle or 17 if you're ever in Florida when it's available and if you're interested in finding out more about Funky Buddha, follow them on Facebook. 

By this point we will probably have finished at least one bottle of wine and will have eaten an entire bag of those delicious chips and it will be time to wrap up our Wino Wednesday because we both probably have to work tomorrow and I'm not in my 20's anymore. So I'd thank you for coming by, wish you well, and then whip my bra and throw myself on the couch the second you left. 

I hope you had fun on this virtual wine date! Do you have any favorite wines or beers that you think I should try? I find Apothic wines to be consistently good, along with the Dream Tree red blend. 

Have a great day!