Never Skip a Monday

How is it Monday already?

Did anyone else seriously struggle to wake up today? And also struggle to fall asleep last night, meaning today is going to be a struggle squared.

Especially the day after daylight savings...why is this even a thing anymore? 

Especially the day after daylight savings...why is this even a thing anymore? 

Before I jump into the real subject of the day, first I thought it would be fun to share some weekend happenings. Jason was working this weekend so that means I was on my own with the kids. We spent a lot of the weekend running around and doing errands, grocery shopping, and threw in a hiking trip for good measure.

On Saturday we stopped by a puppy store and looked at two different puppies, a husky and a goldendoodle. Both were adorable and we loved them, but they're not "our" dog. And yes, I am actively looking for my new dog - I think I'm finally ready and I miss having one (Jax is awesome, but he is definitely Jason's dog). Can you see the husky's eyes though? They are so blue and he was so playful and fun, but after living in Alaska and hearing the constant howling of the husky's at the dog sled houses, I have always said I don't want anything to do with a husky. Plus, we live in Florida. It's hot here and they like the snow - it almost seems cruel to have a husky here, but they're actually a really popular breed in Florida right now.

On Sunday, Justin, Jax, Jules and I decided to go on a hiking adventure before hitting up Subway for lunch and going to the grocery store. We went to this place outside Sanford/Lake Mary called Black Bear Wilderness Area Trail. It's a 7.1 mile loop, but we only did about 1.5 mile out-and-back, since it was hot and we didn't really plan for a 3 hour hike. Jason went here once with one of his friends and they saw alligators and all sorts of stuff - we only saw birds. But I'd rather see only birds than come across a bear or an alligator up close. 

Moving on to today's topic, which is never missing a Monday.

This is something I try to abide by every single week unless I have the plague, which was where I was at last week. I've found that as long as I get my lazy butt out of bed and get my workout in Monday morning, it starts my week off on the right foot and I have a more productive week overall. On those occasions that I miss my Monday workout for whatever reason, I tend to be less active overall. Case-in-point, my workouts last week were less than stellar:

  • Monday - no workout, I had the plague
  • Tuesday - no workout, plague-recovery
  • Wednesday - strength training & pilates
  • Thursday - kickboxing
  • Friday - strength training
  • Saturday - nothing and no excuses for it; I was lazy
  • Sunday - strength training & 50 minutes of hiking

That's actually about half of what I would normally do activity-wise. A lot less cardio than usual and while I obviously needed to take Monday and Tuesday off, I could have been more active the rest of the week. But I skipped Monday and it threw everything off (that being said, my body probably needed me to be less active than usual, so I don't mind.) Respect your body, people!

So this week I'm going to hit-it hard, especially since it's my last week of doing Chalean Extreme before starting a new P90X/Running hybrid I made up and will post below. First, my schedule this week:

  • Monday - Run 3 miles (done)
  • Tuesday - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 1 & pilates
  • Wednesday - Run 4 miles, short yoga
  • Thursday - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 2 & pilates
  • Friday - Run 3-5 miles, do some sprints in there somewhere
  • Saturday - Chalean Extreme Lean Circuit 3 & HIIT
  • Sunday - Rest Day and I'm going to need it because starting on Monday.......
MadreDiem P90X & Running Hybrid
See the definition in my tricep? Love it!

See the definition in my tricep? Love it!

This is going to be a really intense schedule, but I think I'm ready for it. My body has changed a lot since I started Chalean Extreme, and it's all for the better! I've pr'ed in the 5K distance (and won 1st in my age group, NBD), and I've lost 7 pounds, some inches, and gained some serious muscle definition. I will do a final weigh-in and results post later on once I'm completely done and have been able to get everything noted down.

But now I'm ready to get really fit and badass again. I want to be able to do pull-ups again, and P90X is heavy on the pull-ups.

I'm talking constant pull-ups...

Also, while I've really enjoyed Chalean Extreme, I haven't really been sore. Like so sore you can't sit down to pee sore...and I remember being like this the last time I tried P90X and hope for more of the same this time. I like to be sore, at least for a day or two. 

One of the reasons I have never finished a round of P90X is because I'd always gain weight whenever I'd do it. I was always like, noooooooo I need to lose weight, I can't gain it. And then I'd quit and run like crazy until I lost the weight and then injure myself because you can't just run; you need strength training. Well it's been a few years since my last attempt and I've since learned a thing or two more about fitness than I used to know, including the fact that you tend to gain weight whenever you start a new program, but especially a strength program. So I know I may gain a couple of pounds here and there, but they'll drop off and eventually I hope to lose the final 5-7 pounds that have been hanging around since having Jules. One part of this will be cleaning up my diet, but I'll post more about that later another time since I've already written quite a bit. 

Needless to say, I will not be skipping next Monday.

And I highly recommend you don't skip it either. Find something active that you like and/or can look forward to, and make sure you start every week off right. 

What are you currently doing fitness-wise that keeps you active and excited?