Saturday is for Reminiscing

It's Saturday! (Or I wrote this on Saturday...)

Time to get a new computer! But onto Saturday's post:

My flight at Red Cyprus Brewery yesterday afternoon. No filter necessary. 

My flight at Red Cyprus Brewery yesterday afternoon. No filter necessary. 

Woohoo! I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I didn't sleep Thursday night, took and passed my test Friday morning, went out for some drinks and tacos to celebrate for lunch, and before I knew it, I was falling asleep while trying to watch tv at 8:30. I think a lot of mom's can relate to that, right? You think you'll be able to stay up and get caught up on your shows and BAM - sleeping. I wish I could fall asleep like that during the week, but noooooo. Weekdays are when I stay up and struggle to sleep. #notfair

Today is going to be a very picture heavy post full of memories and reminiscing. Without further ado (I originally wrote adieu, but knew that was wrong and had to google the correct phrase *insert eyeroll emoji here*), I bring you...

My favorite pictures on Instagram!

I will try to keep the descriptions short and sweet,  but some might really tug at the ol' heart strings or require some background, so no promises. Also if you don't follow me on Instagram and would like to do so, my user name is jnoirot02.

My first Instagram post ever, posted way back in July of 2012. Living in Massachusetts, drinking beer in a pool on a summer day. I actually think this was on the 4th of July!

This was also taken in July of 2012. Sweet 29 year old Jamie, all skinny and tan and drinking out of a plastic water bottle (fluffy, old 34 year old Jamie is horrified and jealous all at once)

That time Justin and I met my dad in Orlando to look for a place to live after being offered a move and promotion. We found our house the first day and took advantage of being in Orlando and went to Disney. My dad hates Disney, but he was a good sport and came along anyway. 

And then we actually moved to Florida, driving from Mass to Florida, picking my mom up in New York on the way down. Just in case you weren't aware, I have the best parents ever. They've always been there whenever I have needed them. 


This is a typical my mommy and me picture. Looking ridiculous one second and looking gorgeous the next. And don't forget the pitcher of margaritas...

This picture is really important to me because I want to spread the news on how bad tanning is. Just don't do it, people! When I was younger I would literally say "well, by the time I get skin cancer I'm sure they'll have a cure"...are you effing serious? I wish I could go back in time and punch that dumb teenager/early 20's beyotch in the face. I'd be like, first look at my wrinkles, then look at the hyperpigmentation I have all over my face, and then look at my biopsy scars!! None of this is worth that "glow", but I especially can't believe I was ever ignorant enough to think that getting cancer isn't a big deal. Wear sunscreen, hats, stay out of the direct sunlight during the hours when the sun is at it's peak and whatever you do, don't use tanning beds (also the whole "base tan" thing is such a load of bullshit). 

Yep, that's my Sebastian. I believe I had just picked him up from the dog sitter after a weekend out of town and whenever I'd leave for any amount of time he would stick to me like glue for days/weeks/always. I have never been loved as unconditionally as this dog loved me and I just wish he was still here. 

Imma let my basic bitch flag fly (and again, I don't think there's anything wrong with being basic), but I love fall!!! Even here in Florida I get so excited once September and October roll around. I love having some twinkly lights in the background, a pumpkin candle, and some red wine while watching the holy grail of fall movies...

Hocus Pocus

This is from one of my favorite trips to Disney with one of my favorite friends. We spent all day in the parks on Thanksgiving and got pretty wasted in Epcot. We had just gotten a beer in Norway and were in line for Maelstrom when the pretty Norwegian girls told me we'd have to drink the beer or get out of line. Then they said if I could chug the beer they'd let us go in the Fastpass line #challengeaccepted. I obviously slammed that beer and Liza and I left with an awesome story we can talk about every time we see each other. 

I just love this picture. Nothing better than some Little League...except pretty much everything, if you ask Justin. He tried for a few seasons and hated it pretty much the entire time. 

The one and only time Justin and I ran a race together and we freaking won the entire thing but he refuses to exercise or do anything active anymore. Womp womp. Teenagers #amiright?

Country Music Marathon

With my cousins in Nashville. Such. A. Good. Time. (awful run though - so slow. At least it was slow for me at that time.)

And here we have another medal for Justin, which I saw him receive in one of my proudest mom-moments of all time. My son used to hate reading and everything else that had to do with school. There was a point in first grade where Justin would tell me he was dumb and he'd never get reading and he was just a bad kid. I've never felt so hopeless and useless as a parent. Then we moved to Florida and he really started to excel in school (addressing his ADHD with medication definitely had a hand in this). In 4th grade Justin set a goal for himself to read and win an award for reading the most books and he did it. And this wasn't a goal I set for him or even mentioned to him - he recognized it and then strove towards it and I was just so proud - still am!

That one time we decided to go to the 24 hours of Disney event. The Magic Kingdom stays open from 6am to 6am. So crazy and lots of fun. I think we only made it until 10pm, but it was still epic. 

Fancy cat, fancy nails.

I love when my men do stuff and have fun doing it. Justin's first NFL game in Jacksonville. We're Giants fans by marriage. 

This was our view from our condo that we lived in for our first 3 years in Florida. The sunrises and sunsets were insane. In the last year or so that we lived there I started meditating to help with  my anxiety, and this was my view more mornings than not. What I wouldn't do to be able to wake up to a view like that every morning, but with a bigger living space. And my own pool. I really need to start playing the lottery.

Getting married to the love of my life definitely warrants a mention. We "eloped" to Fort Lauderdale but invited my mom, dad, and friend Lucy. We rented a beach house, I rented a dress from Rent the Runway, and we spent 3 nights and 4 days celebrating, eating, drink mimosas and knocking coconuts out of the trees. For any of you who are thinking of getting married, I highly recommend an "elopement". It was cheap and we had an amazing time.

Jason and I took a 2.5 week vacation starting in the beginning of July of 2015. We drove from Orlando to Nashville where we stayed with my dad for a couple of days, spent a week in Illinois with my family, drove to New England to see Jason's family and my NE friends and ended in Virginia with Jason's family for a couple of days before heading home. We ate and drank and were so merry. Little did I know, I was pregnant. And not just a little pregnant either; I was 3.5 months pregnant in these pictures, which was nothing short of a miracle considering my lady-parts doctor had just told me in May that I had PCOS and would likely not conceive naturally. Luckily our cavorting around the middle and eastern US has not had any adverse effects and on January 20 I had a beautiful and healthy little girl. Me being who I am, you better believe I have worried pretty much every day that not knowing I was pregnant while whooping it up that summer would/will lead to issues for Jules and I pray that it won't. 

How Scooby felt after finding out I was pregnant.

I worked out the entire time I was pregnant, up until the week I gave birth. This is me kickboxing while 6 months pregnant. Still didn't stop me from gaining a million (40-something) pounds and I'm still struggling to lose 6, but I sure look like a badass preggo in this picture!

I came in like a wrecking ball!!

Now that song's stuck in your head!! Haha!! And this was the best preggo costume ever.

And this was seriously the best costume ever. So many people stopped Justin and laughed and he even won a giant-sized Hershey bar. 

Here am I, 32 weeks pregnant with my beautiful little ninja baby. I was still working full-time, exercising, mom-ing, wife-ing. I thought I looked awful and was so worried about how puffy and gross I felt, but looking at this picture now, I was a super cute pregnant lady wearing heels

And there she is <3

With that perfect skin and those rosebud lips. I have never seen a more beautiful little girl.

That lip though. She still does that lip, sometimes naturally and sometimes on purpose. She's already trying to tie us around her little finger #itsworking

Whatchu looking at?

This picture is when I realized it was time to stop drinking so much craft beer, stop eating so much crap food and start really taking care of myself. This was taken right before going back to work from maternity leave, where I originally had planned on being back to my pre-pregnancy self and wow-ing everyone with my amazing postpartum hotness. Didn't happen. That being said, I really enjoyed myself and have zero regrets over still not losing all my baby-weight. However seeing this picture reminded me that I prefer to have muscle and be fast and it was time to get serious. So I got serious. I'm still not where I'd like to be, but I am in fighting shape and slowly getting to the best shape ever. So thank you to this picture for the wake-up call.

Considering Justin thought his life was over when he found out I was pregnant, I could not be more happy with how much these two love each other. I think Justin is probably surprised with how fond he is of Jules and Jules simply adores her big brother. And I love them both more than I ever thought possible. This mom-ing thing is crazy. You have one and you're like "there's no way I could love anything more than I love you". Then you have another and there's more love and you love them just as much. How is that even possible? 

Jules and her daddy with Jules looking just like her daddy. 

I just love this picture of my mom on O'ahu with Diamondhead in the background. We decided to walk from one end of Waikiki to the other, with a stop at Dukes on the way. And it was Sunday, so it was like we were in a Jimmy Buffett song. I need to go back now. For real though. I have really got to start playing the lottery.  

I have a son who shaves. His face.

How is this even possible?!?!?!

Picture on the left is when I ran a half-marathon 11 months postpartum and completely blew up - slowest half ever. Then I turned it around 6 weeks later and ran my fastest 5K of all time and got first place in my age group. So the moral of that story is don't give up. And run really fast at the end so you beat someone who thinks they have the 1st place finish in the bag because everyone should be really hated at least once in life. Her eye daggers were quite sharp. IDGAF.

So this blog ended up taking me over 24 hours to get together. I'm not sure if it was the computers I was using or squarespace is having issues, but that was not fun! However all of this reminiscing was fun, so worth it!!! Still, because it has taken me this long to get these dang pictures up and edited, I am not going to review what I wrote, so it could be RIDDLED with mistakes. I'll go back and fix them later, I promise!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!