Madre Diem is a health and lifestyle blog written by me, Jamie.

I'm a 30-something mother of two living in central Florida, I work full-time as a manager for an insurance company, am a bit of a fitness fanatic, I'm passionate about food and wine (all foods and all wines), and I'm just trying to make it all work while staying as in-the-moment as possible. 

I love all things ridiculous and tend to involve myself in a number of shenanigans on a regular basis. I've tried to instill this attitude in my children and I think I've done a good job of making it happen so far...

Prior to my current life in Florida with my husband and two kids, I was a single mother for almost 10 years to my son, Justin. I joined the Air Force when I was 19 right after 9/11, and ended up in Alaska for 4 years, which is where I met my first husband, had Justin, got divorced, and had some fun and crazy times. I gained a significant amount of weight with Justin and after getting divorced when he was 10 months old, I found the motivation to lose the weight, igniting my love for all things fitness (except spinning...can't handle that ish). Since separating from the Air Force in 2006, Justin and I have lived in Illinois and Massachusetts before finally settling down in Florida (for now). 

My husband and I met while I was living in Massachusetts ( for the win!) and after I relocated to Florida for work, we kept up our relationship long-distance for a year before he moved down and we decided to make things a bit more permanent by getting hitched. Then we had Jules a year later, making us a complete family of 4 (plus our dog Jax, 2 cats named Scooby and Little Cat, and 3 hermit crabs that we've managed to keep alive for 4 years now). 

My husband is in law enforcement and I work full-time (or more), so our life tends to be pretty chaotic and crazy, however we're pretty good about keeping ourselves grounded and taking time for what's important. 

Family and...

Shenanigans, duh!

Follow along as I chronicle my adventures in motherhood, wifeydom, Corporate America, adulthood, and all while trying to maintain my glowing composure and sparkling personality.

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